2 year old Toyota Fortuner selling Rs. 7 lakh cheaper

Toyota Fortuner is undoubtedly one of the most popular SUV in the country. It has been present in our market for quite some time and has succesfully created a niche for itself. It has a cult following and many prefer Fortuner over any other SUV because of reliability and lower cost of maintenance. 4×4 version of Fortuner is a very capable SUV and people often take it off-road as well. These SUVs are easily available in the used car market and here we have one such almost new Toyota Fortuner that is being sold at a price 7 lakh cheaper than a new one.

The video has been uploaded by My Country My Ride on their youtube channel. This is a 2018 model Toyota Fortuner 4×2 diesel with automatic transmission. The video starts by showing the exterior of the Toyota Fortuner. This vehicle is registered in Delhi and is currently available on sale in Delhi.

The car looks well maintained from outside. No major dents or scratches can be seen on the car. vlogger gives a quick walkaround to show how the car looks. The car is in stock condition and the only accessory installed on this SUV is an LED pillar light at the rear. Next, vlogger shows the interiors and just like the exterior, interiors too look in mint condition. It actually looks like the owner had maintained it well.

2 year old Toyota Fortuner selling Rs. 7 lakh cheaper
2 year old Toyota Fortuner for sale at a solid discount compared to the new one.

On the inside, Fortuner gets electrically adjustable driver seat, touchscreen infotainment screen, multi function steering wheel, paddle shifters, roof mounted AC vents and so on. Overall, the car looks in great condition and as mentioned above, it is a 2018 model and the car has done over 40,000 kms on the odometer. A complete service history of the car is also available if in case.

Asking price for this 2018 model 4×2 automatic Toyota Fortuner that has done over 40,000 kms is Rs 29 lakhs. Toyota’s have a very reliable engine and that is one of the main reason why this car has a huge demand even in the used car market. If anyone is interested in buying this Toyota Fortuner, then they can directly get in touch with the seller by checking the description section of the video. It is always a good idea to have a closer look at the vehicle before making a final decision.