4 reasons why beginners are better off buying used cars

Snapshot – You’ve just got your driving license after a month long stint at the driving school. You just can’t wait to hit the open road and put all the skills that you learnt at the driving school to use. You’re stuck with a fundamental problem though, of that of choosing a car as your first ride. Further compounding matters, you aren’t sure if you should buy a new car or settle for a used one. CarToq lists out four good reasons why beginners are better off buying used cars. 


4 reasons why beginners are better off buying used cars

Most folks in modern day India learn driving in their 20s, an age where they are likely to be in their first jobs or even perhaps, still in college. Affordability is a major concern for beginner drivers, especially the younger ones. Used cars are much more affordable than new cars given the fact that the steep depreciation that a car undergoes after purchase is taken care of by the first owner. While new cars start at an on-road price of about 2 lakh rupees, decent used cars can be bought for half that money. The key of course, is to choose a good used car and this is how you can do it.

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More Abuse Friendly

This is more of a psychological factor. Picture this. As a beginner, there’s a fat chance that you nick your car a few times in the process of fine tuning your driving skills. Also, you may ride the clutch and not be very smooth while handling the car as a beginner. Such driving can not only tarnish the aesthetics of the car but also can lead to more trips to the mechanic. Buying a new car and putting it through such abuse isn’t exactly a feel good factor, is it? Instead, won’t you prefer an old, beat up car to learn on than a spanking new machine? While choosing a used car that is abuse tolerant and cheap to fix, you may zero in cars such as the Maruti 800, the Alto F8D  of the Hyundai Santro.

Wider Choice

4 reasons why beginners are better off buying used cars

Suppose you have a budget of 2-3 lakh rupees. While this kind of money can get you the basic variant of the Alto 800 or the Hyundai Eon in the new car space, the same money can fetch you a nice petrol sedan like the Ford Classic in the used car market. A bigger car drives better and comes with a lot more comfort features. Also, you can pick out a car with good frontal visibility or one with an automatic gearbox at a lower price point in the used car space. So, a used car basically gives you a wider set of options to pick and choose from, especially when you’re a beginner who is undecided about which way to go with a limited budget in hand.

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Flexibility for accessorizing

When you buy a new car, slapping on that LPG/CNG kit to lower the running costs will immediately void your drive train warranty. As a beginner concerned about  running costs, a used car with LPG/CNG kit in tow is a cheaper bet than a new car running on petrol or diesel. Of course, there are a few cars with factory fitted CNG/LPG kits, but then they cost quite a bit when compared to used cars. To sum it up, a used car gives you flexibility in accessorizing a car to suit your specific needs, a luxury that a new car won’t afford due to concerns about the factory warranty.

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