4 year-old BMW 3 GT for sale at Rs. 18.95 lakh [Video]

BMW 3-Series GT is one of the most practical cars in the segment. Even though the car is not very common on the Indian roads compared to the regular 3-Series sedan, it sure attracts a lot of attention on the roads, due to its unique coupe-like shape. A new BMW 3GT can cost a lot but if you check in the used car market, you will find a lot of affordable deals. Here is one such BMW 3GT for sale in the used car market and it is only 4 years old.

This is 2016 manufactured and registered BMW 3GT that is registered in Chandigarh. The vehicle is also located in the national capital. The asking price of this vehicle is only Rs 18.95 lakhs, which makes it cheaper than a lot of mid-size SUVs. The white coloured BMW 3GT shown in the video seems to be a perfect condition. Even though the camera shows the vehicle from all around, no visible scratches or dents can be spotted on the vehicle.

The odometer reading shows that the vehicle has completed a total of just above 38,0000 km, which makes it very less driven for a used car. It is not known if the owner has opted for an extended warranty period but there are many extended warranty options available with the car. The seller has mentioned in the video that the car is currently with its second owner. While it may seem unusual but many luxury car buyers upgrade or switch cars after using for 2 years. This allows them to get the maximum value of the vehicle.

4 year-old BMW 3 GT for sale at Rs. 18.95 lakh [Video]

It is a very luxurious vehicle and comes with rimless doors. The cabin also seems to be a perfect condition and there are not many signs of wear and tear in the car. What makes the 3GT very practical is the amount of space. The car comes with a massive boot space and a good amount of legroom and knee room. However, the seller has not mentioned the exact reason for selling this less-used BMW. This comes powered by a diesel engine and gets an automatic transmission.

The car will come with all the documents in place. However, as we mentioned above, the reason for selling the vehicle so early remains unknown. For more information and details, please contact the seller directly.