Convenient yet super frugal: 5 used Maruti Dzire Diesel Automatic compact sedans for sale

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire has become the best-selling sedan in the Indian market ever. The all-new Dzire was launched in 2016, and to everyone’s surprise, it became the best-selling car in the Indian market for a few months. The all-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire was launched in both petrol and diesel versions, and both the engine options offer an AMT automatic transmission. Well, there are quite a handful of the new-generation Maruti Suzuki Dzire sedans that you will find in the used markets. Many of them are with the diesel engine option with automatic transmission. Since the Dzire is a pretty popular vehicle, it holds the value for a long time in the market. It should be noted that diesel engines have a higher life than petrol counterparts. However, here are five best deals that you can get in the used car market when it comes to the Maruti Suzuki Dzire diesel automatic.

2018 Dzire ZDI AMT in Bangalore

Maruti Dzire Diesel Amt Used 1

This vehicle is only about a year old and is already on sale. The Suzuki Dzire ZDI in here has one 18,000 km according to the odometer and is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. The sedan is the top-end version and comes with all the bells and whistles in place. It also gets a factory-installed infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Buy the car here.

2017 Dzire VDI AMT in Delhi

Maruti Dzire Diesel Amt Used 5

This is the 2017 mode of the Dzire, and the car has done a total of 34,500 km. It is available in Delhi and is still with its first owner. The car is fully insured and all the service records of the vehicle are still available. Since the car is still under the OEM warranty, an extended warranty package can be bought to increase the cover and reduce the risk. The VDI version of the Dzire offers factory-installed infotainment system. Also, it gets dual-front airbags, ABS and EBD. Buy the car here.

2017 Dzire ZDI AMT in Hyderabad

Maruti Dzire Diesel Amt Used 2

Here is a 2017 top-end variant Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZDI available for Rs 8.65 lakh. This one is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. It has been moderately driven and has clocked only 20,000 km on the odometer. The sedan in blue colour looks premium, this is the same colour that Maruti Suzuki used to advertise the vehicle initially. The top-end version gets a lot of features including touchscreen infotainment system and LED projector headlamps. Buy the car here.

2017 Dzire VDI AMT in Hyderabad

Maruti Dzire Diesel Amt Used 3

Here is another vehicle from Hyderabad, Telangana but this one is little on the expensive side at Rs 8.5 lakh. It has been driven for 49,754 km and the vehicle is still owned by the first owner. Since this is a 2017 model, it gets the OEM-warranty intact. A brand-new model will cost around Rs 11 lakh so this deal is not a bad one either. But the car here.

2017 Dzire ZDI AMT in Pune

Maruti Dzire Diesel Amt Used 4

This sedan is based in Pune, Maharashtra and is for sale. The asking price by the owner is Rs 8.15 lakh. The car has done 37,952 km according to the odometer. It gets a factory-installed infotainment system in place. ABS and twin airbags are standard. The engine is the tried and tested 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet unit with 74 Bhp-190 Nm, and a 5 speed AMT is standard. You can buy the car here.