5 ‘almost NEW’ Tata Harrier SUVs selling a lot cheaper than new models

Tata Harrier was launched earlier this year in the Indian market and currently, it has become extremely popular in the market. The all-new SUV from the brand has gained quite a popularity in the market and is selling in large numbers. While there is a waiting period on the Tata Harrier in many cities, there are a few owners who are selling their almost new Tata Harrier in the market. Here is a list of five such Tata Harrier SUVs that are on sale.

Tata Harrier XZ Diesel white

Asking price: Rs 18.95 lakh

Harrier Used 1 1

Tata Harrier XZ is the top-end diesel variant, which gets all the features advertised by the brand. The vehicle on sale is from Lucknow and it has done around 5,000 km. The owner is asking for Rs 18.95 lakh, which is around Rs 1 lakh cheaper than the current on-road price of the variant in Lucknow. This is an almost brand-new vehicle and with the price dropped by Rs 1 lakh, it sure is one of the best deals in the market. Contact the seller here.

Harrier Used 1

Tata Harrier XZ Diesel white

Asking price: 18.5 lakh

Harrier Used 2

Here is another white coloured Tata Harrier and this one is from Mumbai. The car is 6,489 km driven according to the odometer and is the top-end variant. It also gets the Tata Harrier moniker in the front. The car looks like in perfect condition and the asking price is also much cheaper than the new vehicle. In Maharashtra, the top-end Tata Harrier XZ diesel is priced around at Rs 20.18 lakh, which is quite a lot and the seller is offering almost Rs 2 lakh discount on the SUV. Contact the seller here.

Harrier Used 2 1

Tata Harrier XZ Diesel Orange

Asking price: Rs 18.5 lakh

Harrier Used 3

This model is up for sale in Bangalore, Karnataka. The flagship colour of the Tata makes it a head-turner on the road. The advertisement says that the vehicle has been bought in March, which barely makes it five months old. A brand-new Tata Harrier XZ in Bengaluru costs Rs 20.93 lakh, on-road. Which translates into savings of more than Rs 2 lakh on this car. With only 3,000 km on the odometer, this sure is an almost new car with a heavy discount and no waiting period on it. Contact the seller here.

Tata Harrier XZ Diesel Orange

Asking price: Rs 18 lakh

Harrier Used 4 1

This is another model, which has only 2,000 km on the odometer. This vehicle is available for sale in Pitampura, Delhi but is registered in Badkal, Haryana. Nonetheless, the almost new car was bought only a few months back and does not comes with any additional accessories. The exact reason for selling this vehicle is not known and is not mentioned in the advertisement. Contact the seller here.

Harrier Used 4

Harrier Harrier XZ Diesel White

Asking price: Rs 19 lakh

Harrier Used 5 1

This model is also for sale and is located in Chandigarh. The vehicle has done only 4,111 km according to the advert and the pictures show that the condition of the vehicle is impeccable and without any scratches. The top-end diesel version of the car is available for Rs 18 lakh, on-road in Chandigarh but this seller is almost asking for Rs 1 lakh more than the original price. Contact the seller here.

Harrier Used 5