5 compact SUVs under Rs 6 lakh in Mumbai, from CarToq True Price

Compact SUVs are generally a good option compared to some sedans and hatchbacks. Though they cost at least 20% more, compact SUVs are a better option, especially in cities where water-clogging is common. In the used car market, there are a lot of such SUVs available and you do not need to pay a lot to own one. If you have Rs 6 lakh, that will do. To select a car of your choice, you can scan through hundreds of listing in Mumbai and then arrange them as per price. But, how would you ensure that the list price is not an exaggeration? Is there a way to compare different cars after accounting for all the different? Yes, there is.

Cartoq True Price Featured

You could use the Cartoq TRUE PRICE to identify the best deals. Powered by a Machine Learning algorithm that our Data Science team has made, we help you. We do this estimating the True Price of a used car, in this case a compact SUV, accounting for all the car variations, including across variants.

With TRUE PRICE, you can find the best deals in compact SUVs in Mumbai. The best deals are the ones where the TRUE PRICE is higher than the listed price of the compact SUV.

To help Mumbaikars, we have identified the best compact SUV deals under Rs 6 lakh. The analysis was run on June 7, 2019, so if you are reading this article later, there is a high chance that the cars listed here are already sold.

But this list still provides some useful pointers even if these specific cars are not available to you.

• Across main metros, the Ford EcoSport remains the most popular if you are looking for used compact SUV. In fact, all our recommendations are for this car.

• Try to aim for an EcoSport with 20,000 km to 40,000 km usage range. The lower the usage, the more could be the years of hassle-free ownership for you.

Here are the top recommendations from our side

Recommendation #1: Ford EcoSport TITANIUM 1.0 ECOBOOST

Ford Ecosport Used 4

Year: 2015 / Mileage: 21,896 km / List Price: Rs. 500,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 914,000

WHY BUY: Coming at Rs. 1 lakh under the budget, this Ford EcoSport sports low usage of less than 22,000 km. The petrol variant comes with the much-liked EcoBoost engine. At a 45% discount to the ex showroom price, this car seems to be a great deal because for all practical purposes it is a new car.

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Recommendation #2: Ford Ecosport 1.5 DV5 MT Trend

Ford Ecosport Used 5

Year: 2013 / Mileage: 48,001 km / List Price: Rs. 514,500 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 861,000

WHY BUY: The Trend version, like VXi versions in Marutis, is packed with all the features that you need. It has fair usage of about 48,000 kms. This Ford Ecosport is a diesel variant and is about Rs 3.5 lakh less than the ex showroom price. It is a fun-to-drive SUV and value-for-money too.

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Recommendation #3:Ford EcoSport TITANIUM 1.0 ECOBOOST

Ford Ecosport Used 6

Year: 2013 / Mileage: 16,726 km / List Price: Rs. 565,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 914,000

WHY BUY: This car is among the top-selling compact SUVs. The Titanium variant comes with all the features you’d ever require. The EcoBoost engine essentially marries power with fuel economy. But the best feature of this car is its usage: less than 17,000 km. The price tag represents a discount of 38% over a new car, which screams value.

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Recommendation #4: Ford EcoSport 1.5 Ti VCT MT Titanium

Ford Ecosport Used 7

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 47,000 km / List Price: Rs. 585,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 956,000

WHY BUY: The Ford Ecosport 1.5 Ti VCT MT Titanium happens to be a mid range variant among several trims. This manual transmission, petrol variant comes in a Diamond White paint option. It is packed with features for occupants’ comfort. Coming at a good Rs 3.7 lakh less than the ex showroom rate, this too is a great deal.

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Recommendation #5: Ford EcoSport 1.5 Ti VCT AT Titanium

Ford Ecosport Used 8

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 38,000 km / List Price: Rs. 600,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 956,000

WHY BUY: Both the cars in recommendation #4 and #5 are similar, but only two differences. This pista colored car is an automatic variant and has run about 10,000 km less than #4. That may justify a Rs 15,000 premium, which pushes the car price to your full budget of Rs 6 lakh.

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In Summary

In cities like Delhi-NCR, a search for used compact SUVs will give you options like Honda WR-V, Maruti Vitara Brezza and, of course, Ford EcoSport. But in Mumbai, Ford is the only used car option being the first off-the-block compact SUV. But, that excessive supply may be why there are a lot of good options under your budget of Rs 6 lakh.

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