5 Hacks To Save Time & Money While Buying or Selling Old Car 

Buying or selling a car is one of the most important decisions of our lives. It’s truly reflected in the time & energy we spend before making that final decision. The problem becomes a little more complex when the decision is to be taken about the old car, as we want to spend as least money as possible as a buyer & extract the maximum out of it as a seller. With time & money both being premium these days, here are a few hacks for old cars to make sure the deal goes in your favour (whether you are a buying a used car or a selling an existing one).

5 Hacks To Save Time & Money While Buying or Selling Old Car 

1) The Right price hack

We are sure you would have faced price as the biggest hurdle while closing a used car deal. We have a solution now. Choose the selling price of your car greater than or equal to Orange Book Value(OBV). And, if you are a buyer, the OBV price is the maximum price you should pay for a used car. The best part is that it only takes 10 seconds to find out the OBV of a used car. Since the OBV is a trusted mechanism for used car valuation, it has become a benchmark for both buyers & sellers alike. You get your best price as a seller & give the fair price as a buyer. So no more sleepless nights over the pricing game.

2) Target discontinued cars

If you are a used car buyer and want the best value deal, you should hunt for cars which are discontinued from production and hence off the showroom floors. For example, the Tata Aria or Chevrolet Cruze. Such cars have an extremely poor re-sale value and hence, in all probability, you will get to own one of these at as low as 1/4th the original cost. Best quality at best price – it can’t get better than this.

3) Old diesel cars are a steal

If you are looking for a used car that will not be used in Delhi and have a valid out-of-Delhi address proof, old diesel cars sold in the NCR can make for a steal deal. This is because the NGT or National Green Tribunal’s latest laws do not allow diesel cars more than 10 years old to run on Delhi’s roads. Hence, the depreciation value of old diesel cars is very high, in turn, allowing you to pick up good models at a fraction of the cost. You can thank us later!

4) Look out for exchange bonus deals

If you are planning to sell your used car and upgrading to a new model, check for exchange bonus deals at the dealer end. The model that you want to buy might have a scheme running that can make you save Rs.15000-35000, in addition to the value of your old car. In simple terms, even if you sell a very old model that will only qualify as scrap, you will still get almost Rs. 50,000 depending on the new car model you pick. Now this is something none of the used car dealers will ever match up to.

5) DIY jobs work wonders

It’s quite understated but a few thousand rupees can increase the value of your old car substantially. For example, replacing old worn out tyres with almost new ones that can be purchased cheap from a tyre dealer can help you fetch Rs. 15000-25000 more for your car. Likewise, a spa treatment for the exteriors and interiors won’t cost much, but will help you present your old car in a much better way to the buyer. Ditto for body touch-ups to take care of scratches and marks. Remember, a fresh and neat looking old car, one that shines under the sun, will always entice a buyer in a much better way. This basic hygiene can fetch you rich dividends when you enlist your car at Droom.

So whether you are buying a used car or trying to sell your set of old wheels, these hacks will come handy when it comes to getting the best value deal. Next time you hang out with your friends, don’t forget to show off your knowledge about used cars through these hacks.