60 year-old, beautifully maintained Hindustan Ambassador for sale

Hindustan Ambassador is the first car ever to be made in India. The production of the Ambassador started in 1957 and it is the vehicle that remained in the production for the longest time ever, which is 57 years. There are still many who own the Ambassador and have maintained it just like a new car. While there are many others who have modified, restored old Hindustan Ambassador to keep using it in the present day. Well, if you’re an enthusiast, you surely will love to own a Hindustan Ambassador and there is a high demand for the Ambassador that was made in the initial years. Here is one such Ambassador for sale in the Indian market that is 60 years old and looks like fresh off the production line.

This is a 1961 Hindustan Ambassador that is located in Kerala. The vehicle is registered and has all the relevant documents available too. The seller has mentioned that the vehicle was re-registered in 1982 as MEH while the original registration was KLQ. The seller has mentioned that he has all the documents to confirm the changes. The car is located in Shravanabelagola. It is powered by a diesel engine supplied by Isuzu. It is an original diesel engine but the odometer reading is not known. The seller has quoted a price of Rs 3.65 lakh on the car but since the condition of the vehicle is extremely good and it is beautifully kept, such an amount does not seem much.

The pictures show that the vehicle is in a top-notch condition and there are no dents or scratches on the body. The owner, however, has added aftermarket multiple spoke wheels that add a vintage feel to the vehicle. The cabin is also extremely clean and well-maintained. It even gets the original deep-dish steering wheel with double rim for the horn. It seems like the owner has added aftermarket seats that make it more comfortable. Hindustan Ambassador offered one of the biggest cabins in its time and even now, the space inside the Ambassador is larger than many other hatchbacks in India.

Hindustan Ambassador in India

This is a first-generation Hindustan Ambassador, which is also known as Ambassador Mark I. Hindustan Motors in collaboration with Morris Motors, which then had become British Motor Corporation after the merger with Austin Motors, signed an agreement to manufacture the Morris Oxford series III in India. This is exactly the same car. The tooling and the machinery were transported to Uttarpara, West Bengal where the plant was set-up.

The Mark 1 Hindustan Ambassador is truly a rebagded version of the 1956 Morris Oxford series III in India. The production started in 1957 and then it was replaced by the Mark II in 1962. While the engine powering these models is an Austin-derived 1.5-litre petrol engine. In 1959, the engine was replaced with 1,489cc petrol engine that produces a maximum power of 55 Bhp. It is a BMC B-Series petrol engine. However, the engine powering this vehicle is an Isuzu diesel engine.

The Hindustan Ambassador was really ahead of its time and was one of the first cars to use monocoque chassis in the Indian market. At the later stage, in desperation to sell more vehicles, Hindustan Motors launched various body types based on the Ambassador including a pick-up truck and more.