7 Reasons Why A Second-Hand Car Should Be Your First Car

Finally planning to buy a car? Well, you might be already fantasizing about your impending long drives and travel escapades seeing the new car ads and getting overwhelmed with car dealership visits, but since it’s your first car, you should actually opt for a second-hand car. We might have broken your thought bubble, but here are 7 reasons why it’s a sensible idea to make a second-hand car, your first car:

7 Reasons Why A Second-Hand Car Should Be Your First Car

1. Save money

Since it’s your first car, no need to go overboard in spending money. How about planning 2 international trips along with buying a just 1-year old car rather than buying a new one? We know you are nodding at the prospect. A case in point is a two-year-old Honda City V MT that’s available for Rs.7-7.5lakh vis a vis Rs. 11 lakh for a new one. Yes, that’s a clear saving of Rs. 4 lakhs. You can check out more such options at Droom, which is India’s most trusted market place for used cars. Of course, you can be assured of the fair market price with Orange Book Value. It takes just 10 seconds and it’s a free tool (the only pricing benchmark tool in India which is independent, objective and unbiased). Already smiling?

2. You can upgrade yourself

When you are a first-time car buyer; chances are that you want a car that announces your arrival into the world of four-wheels in the best possible manner. Thanks to depreciation, you can upgrade yourself to a car that belongs to a higher segment. For example, if your budget is Rs. 4 lakh, you can only purchase a new car that belongs to the entry level hatchback segment. For the same amount though, you can easily purchase a much bigger hatchback like the Swift or even the i20, one that is about 2 years old. You can find your dream car in the used car market at unbelievably low prices – have we started making sense yet?

3. Rare finds

The second-hand car space also provides you with cars that are now discontinued owing to model updates or poor sales, but were a great buy for specific buyers. Just like the Maruti Celerio Diesel: this little hatchback came with a frugal diesel motor that delivered over 20 km/litre in city usage. So if you want your first car to be a small hatchback that is reliable with sufficient space and very light on the pocket, a second-hand car should be your pick. Similarly, if you are an adventure seeker, the old Mahindra Scorpio S4 4WD at a relatively lower price is a great buy. You can find such gems if you choose a second-hand car unlike the new car market.

4. Better for performance seekers

If performance is your main priority for your first car purchase, the pre-owned space will reward you with great cars. One such example is the Chevrolet Cruze – which is now discontinued – you can easily find such cars at Droom for as low as Rs 4 lakh and that makes this diesel rocket an excellent purchase. Likewise, Fiat fans can pick the Abarth performance models and those who love German engineering have options of the Polo 1.6 diesel and the 1.2 TSI petrol. These cars carry a depreciation of over 50% in the first 3 years itself, making it a sweet deal for you if you buy them second hand. We can almost sense you licking your lips in anticipation. You can actually check fair price of the vehicle too.

5. Perfect for novices

Since you are still new to the world of driving cars, a used car has to be your first car at any cost. You don’t want your precious set of new wheels to be covered with scratches or dents, do you? Likewise, don’t get us wrong, but the level of abuse a car goes through via an amateur driver does put a lot of load as well as wear and tear on running parts like clutch, brakes and engine internals. Hence, it is wise to polish your skills on a ‘cheap’ second-hand car and then upgrade to a better used car or even a new one.

6. Sheer variety

A new car market for a given budget, gives you just a handful of options. On the other side, the used car space provides you with tonnes of options. For instance, if you have a budget of Rs. 5 lakh, you can look at options ranging from premium hatchbacks to sedans and even compact SUVs. Yes, you read it right.

7. Lower insurance costs

There is a big gap between the ex-showroom price of a new car and the actual on-road figure. Factors like insurance make up for a big amount for a new car, but fret not as used car insurance premiums are far less. For example, while you would pay as much as Rs. 27,500 for insurance on a car that costs Rs. 10 lakh on-road, the same amount comes down to half for a 2-year-old model of the same car. Savings on every parameter, you see!

So whether you have a budget of Rs. 2 lakhs, 5lakhs or 10 lakhs, a second-hand car makes for a practical and a sensible purchase if you are buying a car for the first time. Thanks to trustworthy car pricing tools, buying a second-hand car is no more a complicated process. Happy buying.


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