7-seat used Audi luxury SUVs for sale from 8.75 lakh

In the last two-three years, used car market has become extremely popular. Even manufacturers like Mahindra, Maruti and many more have entered this space because of its potential. One of the reason why people buy used car is because the are cheap in comparison to a brand new one. Even luxury vehicles are available in the used car market and that too at very attractive prices. We have seen several expensive cars being sold at the price of a hatchback and the reason behind it is that they have very bad resale value. Here we have a video that shows not one but two Audi Q7 luxury SUVs being sold at a starting price of Rs 8.75 lakh.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their youtube channel. The video shows condition of the SUVs from outside and inside. Starting with the first one which is black in colour. The SUV looks great from outside. There are some minor scratches on the bumper other than that, there are no major scratches or dents on the body. The paint looks good and has not faded anywhere. It looks like, the vehicle was well maintained by its last owner. The front gets projector headlamps, front parking sensors, sweeping turn indicators on bumper. Side profile shows company fitted alloy wheels and the rear shows parking sensors LED tail light and Audi badging.

Moving inside, it gets a beige colour interiors. The interiors look in mint condition. The dashboard has wooden inserts, company fitted infotainment screen, four zone climate control, leather wrapped upholstery, panoramic sunroof, electrically adjustable seats and so on. The SUV looks great both from inside and out. This is a 2010 model 4.2 litre diesel engine Q7. The NOC for this vehicle is only available for Maharashtra, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Interested buyers from these states can get in touch with the seller.

7-seat used Audi luxury SUVs for sale from 8.75 lakh

The SUV has done approximately 89,000 kms on the odometer and the vehicle is registered in Delhi. The asking price for this luxury SUV is Rs 8.95 lakh. Which is a great deal considering the fact that a brand new one would cost over a crore on-road.

The next SUV is also an Audi Q7 and this time it is a white  SUV. Just like the first Q7, this one also looks well maintained in the video. There are no major dents or scratches to be seen on the car. It is always a better idea to have a closer look at the vehicle before making a final decision. This one also has a beige colour interior which looks well maintained in video.

Even this comes with features like 4-zone climate control, panoramic sunroof, leather wrapped seats, steering wheel, company fitted entertainment screen and so on. The main difference between both the SUVs was that, this one uses a smaller engine. It uses a 3.0 litre diesel engine in comparison the 4.2 litre unit in the other one.

The SUV has done approximately 90,000 kms on the odometer and is 2012 model SUV that is registered in Delhi. The asking price for this well maintained SUV is Rs 15.75 lakh. The video says that interested buyers can take their own mechanic with them to check the condition of the car before making a final decision. That is actually a good practice as these are expensive vehicles and are definitely quite expensive to maintain if something goes wrong.