A quick guide to buying a used Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is an attractive SUV and its popularity is evident from the sales numbers it garners month of month. Not all of us can afford to buy an SUV which costs over Rs.20 lakh but a second hand Fortuner; now that’s something many of us are interested in.

But how much should you shell out for a Fortuner? What’s the acceptable price difference between the automatic and manual variants? Here we take a look at prices of use Fortuner’s to help prospective buyers get a better idea of how much the dream of owning the Toyota Fortuner would cost them. Also read: 5 reasons to buy a used car instead of a new one!


A quick guide to buying a used Toyota Fortuner

Buying a 2 year old Fortuner

For instances a 2010 model Fortuner which has done roughly 35,000 kms should cost you around Rs.18.50 lakh. More specifically if you are looking for a Fortuner 4WD MT then one that has clocked around 35,000 kms should be priced at around Rs.18.80 lakh. If it’s a 2WD variant then you should be able to find find one in the range of Rs.17.80 lakh to Rs.18.25 lakh.

Prices will rise based on the mileage like in all used cars but here we have to take into account that a new Fortuner costs between Rs.21.15 lakh to Rs.22.32 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. Moreover being a relatively new car there are no “really old” Fortuner’s around as the vehicle itself was launched only in 2009. Also read: How to pick a good used SUV

Difference between Automatic and Manual variant prices

Another thing to remember is that the Fortuner comes with both Manual and Automatic transmission variants. If you are looking to save money then the Manual will be cheaper than an Automatic that has clocked similar mileage and is of the same model year.

Hence a Fortuner 2012 4×2 AT could even be priced at around Rs.24 lakh if it has virtually no mileage on its odo. The manual variant of a 2012 4×2 Fortuner with around 15,000 on its odemeter will set you back by roughly Rs.21.50 lakh, which means you save almost Rs.2.5 lakh! Also read: 5 steps to buying a used car in India