Almost-new Jeep Compass Petrol Automatic SUV selling at 3.5 lakh rupee discount: Less than 4,000 Kms done

There are a number of vehicles available in the used car market but finding out the best deal is not always easy. Here is a Jeep Compass Limited Plus Automatic, which is going for a massive price-drop. There are quite a few reasons for selling a vehicle in almost-new condition at a massive discount and such vehicles can be considered as really good deals. Here is an almost brand-new Jeep Compass, which is on sale and the asking price is Rs 3.5 lakh cheaper than the original price.

Jeep Compass 3

The Jeep Compass has become a very popular vehicle in the Indian market soon after its launch. The compact size of the vehicle along with robust build quality and reliable engines, the Compass is currently the best-selling vehicle from the brand. This vehicle for sale is from Maharashtra and the asking price is only Rs 22.25 lakh. It should be noted a brand new Jeep Compass Limited Plus automatic costs Rs 25.75 lakh. This makes the deal extremely valuable as the effective cost is Rs 3.5 lakh cheaper than the on-road price of the vehicle.

Jeep Compass 4

Now coming to the condition of the vehicle, it has done only 3,843 km according to the odometer. It is in M G Black colour and was registered earlier this year on 7th May. The insurance is valid till 28th March 2020. The advertisement says that the vehicle is very well-maintained and will come with all the documentation. Also, all the service records are available with the owner too. Since it is almost a new car, the manufacturer warranty is also applicable to the vehicle, which is the biggest plus point of this deal.

Jeep Compass 6

Moreover, the vehicle has been driven by a lady driver and being an automatic car, there is no worry about the condition of the clutch assembly. Nonetheless, the car also looks spotless in the pictures shared on the advertisement.

Jeep Compass 2

The Jeep Compass Limited Plus Automatic is powered by a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 160 Bhp and peak torque of 250 Nm. It gets a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which is super smooth, to say the least. As per ARAI, the Jeep Compass petrol automatic returns a maximum fuel efficiency of 14.1 km/l.

Jeep Compass 1

The reason for selling the vehicle as per the dealer is relocation. Also, the dealer offers services like creating a NOC for the sale, which means that the vehicle can be taken to any other state and can be registered there. Also, there is one free service available with the car, which can be availed by the new owner of the car. Apart from these, the Jeep Compass Limited Plus also gets a factory-installed infotainment system and offers a beautiful panoramic sunroof.