Almost-new used MG Hector petrol hybrid for sale; Priced higher than the new model

MG Hector has become a blockbuster hit in the Indian market. The all-new SUV launched by the new manufacturer currently has a long waiting period, which extends to months. While there are many who are waiting to get their hands on the all-new SUV, there are quite a few examples of the MG Hector SUV on sale in the used car market. Interestingly, the owners are selling the car at a premium price to take advantage of the situation.

Mg Hector 4

Here is a used MG Hector, which is the petrol hybrid version for sale in Pune, Maharashtra. The asking price for the car is Rs 19 lakh, making is priced higher than a new model. The seller is selling at about Rs 50,000 extra than the on-road price of the car in Pune. This is not the first instance when a used MG Hector is up for sale and the owner is asking for a higher price. In the past, there have been listings for the used MG Hector SUVs where the sellers have asked for more than Rs 5 lakh than the on-road price of the vehicle.

Mg Hector 3

The Hector for sale here is in white colour and is powered by a petrol engine. It also gets a hybrid system that increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by a certain degree. It should be noted that MG currently offers the hybrid version only with a manual transmission. This model has accumulated a total of 1,700 km on the odometer. Since it is under 2,000 km, it is almost a new SUV and from the pictures shown in the advertisement, the condition of the car looks brand-new. It has no scratches or dents on the outside and it is in the showroom condition. Even the cabin looks fresh and there are no signs of this car being used roughly.

Mg Hector 2

The MG Hector for sale here is the Sharp variant, which is the top-end version of the car. It gets all the bells and whistles in place. The car gets panoramic sunroof too, which is a unique feature in the segment and no other vehicle at this price offers the same in the Indian market yet. Also, features like a 360-degree camera and the huge 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system are available with this variant. The infotainment system always stays connected to the Internet through an eSIM and there are no charges for it for the first 5 years. MG also offers to service of the Hector without any labour cost for the first three years, which brings down the maintenance cost down by a great deal.

Mg Hector 1

The car gets powered by a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine and it gets a 48V hybrid system in place. The hybrid system adds another 20 Nm to the overall output of the petrol engine of the SUV. You can contact the seller directly by clicking here.