Almost-new, used Hyundai Venue sub-4 meter compact SUVs for sale: Skip waiting period, save money!

Ever since it’s launch in India earlier this year, the Hyundai Venue has been a massive success for the South Korean automaker. In fact, Hyundai has already put tens of thousands of Venues on Indian roads. With so many Venue compact SUVs on Indian roads, it’s only natural that more than a few almost-new examples reach the used car market. Here are two of them. Opting for these almost-new examples comes with two big advantages: zero waiting period and significant cost savings over a new one. Let’s launch straight into these pre-owned Venue mini-SUVs.

Hyundai Venue Diesel with 1,400 Kms

Hyundai Venue Used 1

This example is from Kottayam, Kerala, and is just weeks old. With 1,400 Kms on the odometer, this first-owner used Hyundai Venue seems as good as new. The asking price is Rs. 11 lakhs, which makes it about 14,000 cheaper than a brand new example. Obviously, a buyer will want to re-negotiate this price and quote another Rs. 50,000 lesser, and the seller is likely to oblige. It’s diesel powered and in the SX trim.

The engine under the hood is the tried and tested 1.4 liter CRDI unit that makes 89 Bhp-220 Nm. A six speed manual gearbox drives the front wheels. In SX trim, the Hyundai Venue is quite well equipped. Among prominent features, It offers a sunroof, a touchscreen infotainment unit, reverse parking camera, a leather wrapped steering and projector headlamps.

Hyundai Venue Used 2

The current owner of vehicle has also added art leather seats and a chrome finished exhaust tip. If interested, you can get in touch with the owner directly, here. 

Hyundai Venue 1.2 Petrol with 2,900 Kms

Hyundai Venue Used 3

The second example is from Delhi, and is quite a different version from the previous one. This one is powered by the 1.2 liter-4 cylinder petrol engine with 82 Bhp-114 Nm. A five speed manual gearbox is standard. The vehicle is in S trim, which means that the buyer will get twin airbags and ABS as standard safety features. While power windows and reverse parking sensors are also standard, the S trim is basically for those on a budget.

Hyundai Venue Used 4

This particular example is priced at Rs. 7.65 lakhs, and has just covered 2,900 Kms, which means it’s seems as good as new. A new example costs Rs. 8.15 lakhs, on-road Delhi, which means that opting for the used one will save the buyer about Rs. 50,000. Besides, there is no waiting period to worry about. If interested, you can get in touch with the seller directly here.