Beautifully kept 1997 model Hindustan Contessa sedan available for sale

Hindustan Motors was a very popular brand in the Indian market from 70’s to 90’s. Hindustan Motors or HM Ambassador and Contessa were some of the popular models from the brand. Hindustan Motors Contessa had more of a muscle car look which is currently attracting lot of attention. Contessa is not a muscle car by any means. It is a four door sedan which based on Vauxhall Victor. Hindustan Motors manufactured Contessa from 1984 to 2002. Just like Ambassadors, there is a demand for well kept Contessa’s in market for its classic nature. Here we have a video of a HM Contessa that is available for sale.

the video has been published by Retro Classics India on their YouTube channel. The Contessa shown in the video is actually finished in black which gives it a unique look. Unlike many other Contessa’s that we have seen online, this one has a not been modified into a wild looking muscle car. The original design of the sedan has been retained.

The gloss black paint job on this sedan gives it a unique look. The wheels remain the same but, they now come with chrome wheel caps. The headlamps, tail lamps are all restored to original condition. The HM Contessa seen here gets a 2.0 litre diesel engine from Isuzu. The same engine was also used in Ambassador sedan. The car seen here in the video is a 1997 model Contessa and it looks pretty good for a car that is 24 years old.

Beautifully kept 1997 model Hindustan Contessa sedan available for sale

Vlogger does mention that The interiors on this car has been redone. The car now gets a beige coloured leatherette upholstery on seats and door pads which give it a fresh look. The dashboard, steering and other components remain the same. There are no scratches seen on the body panels of the Contessa but, the interior might need some work.

Coming to the details, this is a 1997 model diesel HM Contessa with a manual gearbox. The car is currently with its third owner and is registered in Tamil Nadu. The car is located in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur. The video mentions that the Insurance has lapsed. It also mentions that the all the documents will be updated and the car will be sold after that only.  Asking price for this 24 year all-black Hindustan Motors Contessa sedan is Rs 3.5 lakh. Interested buyers can get in touch with the seller on 7892527721.

Contessa looks well maintained but, one of the main issues that a Contessa owner will face is the maintenance. The car has been out of production for a very long time and sourcing parts if something goes wrong with the vehicle is a task. At times, some of the components might have to be fabricated just for this vehicle. Even if the parts are available, there is a delay in getting hold of those parts. We are not sure whether this Contessa is all original or uses parts from other cars in it. These cars can be bought as a show car but, we won’t recommend it as a daily drive vehicle.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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