Beautifully restored, vintage Mercedes Benz W124 sedan for sale at just Rs. 6.9 lakh [Video]

Mercedes-Benz stands as India’s largest luxury car brand. It has maintained a presence in the market for over a decade, boasting one of the most extensive lineups of models. Demand for luxury cars has surged over the years, and consequently, so have the prices. To save money, many individuals often opt for used luxury cars. Numerous online videos showcase well-maintained used luxury cars being sold for less than half of their original price. Occasionally, classic cars even make their way into the used car market. Here we have a video where a 26 year old fully restored Mercedes Benz W124 sedan is available for sale.

The video has been uploaded by Safari Cars, a used car dealer based in Kerala. The seller comprehensively showcases all the car’s features in the video. They initiate with the exterior, noting that this particular model is a 1997 W124 E250 sedan that has undergone complete restoration by its prior owner. The previous owner meticulously cared for the vehicle, even sharing images and videos documenting the restoration process. The car has been fully repainted and retains its original form.

The stock grille with chrome outlines, bumpers, headlamps, and the bonnet all remain original. Even the distinct character lines on the car’s side profile have been preserved. The factory-fitted alloy wheels come with tires that boast 70 percent tread life. The W124’s boxy design holds its appeal, and even the rectangular-shaped ORVMs contribute to its aesthetics. The video also highlights the automatic antenna on the boot, which raises when the car is turned on and retracts upon shutdown.

Beautifully restored, vintage Mercedes Benz W124 sedan for sale at just Rs. 6.9 lakh [Video]
Used Mercedes W124

With the exterior explored, the video transitions to the car’s interior. The presenter notes that this particular model is a 1997 Mercedes-Benz E250 and concedes that the cabin displays signs of aging. While not on par with the cabins of modern-day Mercedes cars, it still exudes a remarkable degree of luxury for a vehicle of its vintage. The seller points out that the previous owner had the upholstery redone, opting to retain the original shade and design that the car was originally equipped with. The wooden-finished center console is equipped with buttons to control the AC, blower, seats, and headrests. The controls for the front windows are situated on the center console itself.

The seats provide an exceedingly comfortable experience, and the seller emphasizes that sitting in this 26-year-old car doesn’t evoke the sensation of its age. The video proceeds to showcase the engine bay, which appears exceptionally clean. The car exhibits no significant dents or scratches. This particular model is a 1997 diesel manual W124 sedan that has undergone complete restoration. The seller reveals that the prior owner invested nearly Rs 9 lakh solely in the restoration process. The asking price for this 26-year-old classic car is Rs 6.9 lakh. The seller underscores in the video that the value of a car like this hinges on the condition in which it has been preserved.

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