Best Hatchbacks used cars Under 3 lakhs In Hyderabad

Hatchbacks are a basic set of wheels that are easy to maneuver in city traffic and consume little fuel too. But ride quality and in some case space is at a premium. They currently range between Rs 3,00,000 – Rs 8,00,000 on the new car market. The used Hatchbacks car is an ideal buy for those who are on a tight budget or the ones who want hone their driving skills before moving on to something more refined. Wagon R is a great buy if space is a priority. Else, Alto or i10 will do just fine.

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Hatchbacks used car prices average around Rs 250,000 in Hyderabad with lower price tending to be around Rs 220,000 and the upper end price tending to be around Rs 280,000.The higher end of the used car price range will get you Hyundai I10 which is 8 years old while if you veer towards the minimum, then you will have to contend with Tata Nano which is 6 years old. So, what should you go for? Which are the best hatchbacks car deals available in the market under 3 lakhs ?

Recommendation #1: Ford Figo 1.4 ZXi Duratorq

Ford Figo 1.4 Zxi Duratorq

Year: 2011 / Kms Driven: 74,863 / List Price: Rs 200,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 533,704

This entry, which comes at a discount of 63% to its original price is 8 years old and has done 74,863 Kms. Currently with its first owner, this coloured FIGO comes with a diesel powerplant. A 5-8 year old Figo is first gen and we don’t recommend unless you happen to find a diesel version with low mileage at a very attractive price. So lots of caveats there.  A Figo with more than 60,000 km is likely the previous generation one. We say, stay away.  No particular isues with the current generation Figo. Some owners have complained of high engine oil consumption. Also the design of front bumper makes it vulnerable to scraping oddly shaped speed breakers. So do check these two things, otherwise Figo is a reliable car.


Recommendation #2: Maruti Suzuki Celerio VXi

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Vxi

Year: 2016 / Kms Driven: 42,943 / List Price: Rs 300,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 433,000

This entry, which comes at a discount of 31% to its original price is 3 years old and has done 42,943 Kms. This petrol-powered, CELERIO is currently with its first owner.


Recommendation #3: Hyundai Eon Magna Plus

Hyundai Eon Magna Plus Lpg

Year: 2014 / Kms Driven: 38,395 / List Price: Rs 250,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 380,000

This entry, which comes at a discount of 34% to its original price is 5 years old and has done 38,395 Kms. Currently with its third owner, this coloured EON comes with a petrol + lpg powerplant.


Since the final selling price data is not available, we estimate the actual selling prices to be 5-10% lower than this. Another tip: the most popular used car that gets bought and sold in Hyderabad in the Hatchbacks category is Maruti Suzuki Alto.