Best pre-owned small cars for “Peace of Mind”

Buying a used car might have become easy thanks to easy availability and omnipresent used car dealerships. However the stigma that used cars are generally issue-laden often makes prospective buyers think twice before taking the plunge. We look at five used cars that are low of niggles, hence keeping the ownership experience largely hassle-free. If you want peace-of-mind, these cars make a lot of sense.

Maruti Alto

Best pre-owned small cars for “Peace of Mind”

USP: Inexpensive to own and run

Expected price: Rs 1 – 2 lakh

The entry-level offering from Maruti Suzuki manages about 20,000 units every month, but retains strong value in the used car market. Simple mechanicals ensure it’s easy to maintain, but with strong reliability, the car continues to work without any issues. If you’re looking for a fill it, shut it, forget it sort of a vehicle, the Alto makes the most sense.

Maruti Wagon-R

Best pre-owned small cars for “Peace of Mind”

USP: Spacious, long-lasting

Expected price: Rs 1.5-3 lakh

The Wagon-R isn’t just one of the spacious cars you can buy for about a lakh and a half but also one that lasts long without troubling its owner. The post-facelift version is expensive in the used car market because of low age, but comes with better interior and styling. Engines are peppy and the car is very easy to drive, thanks to great visibility.

Honda Brio

Best pre-owned small cars for “Peace of Mind”

USP: Great engine

Expected price: Rs 3 lakh

The Brio’s looks might be polarising but as a product it does really well. A testament to the trouble-free ownership is that the Brio has been topping the JD Power customer satisfaction survey for three years consecutively. The 1.2-liter petrol engine is peppy, and makes the Brio fun to drive, especially in the city. The used car prices aren’t dirt cheap for the Brio, but keep in mind that you get a lot of car for that money.

Toyota Etios Liva

Best pre-owned small cars for “Peace of Mind”

USP: Reliability, diesel frugality

Expected price: Rs 3-4 lakh

Sharing its platform with the Etios sedan, the Etios Liva is a reliable yet frugal car to own and run. Sticking to Toyota ethos, the Etios Liva is easy to drive and own. The diesel engine is efficient, while the petrol (especially the 1.5-liter version in the TRD Sportivo) is a responsive, rev-happy unit. The steering might be light but the car doesn’t feel disconnected at all.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Best pre-owned small cars for “Peace of Mind”

USP: Handling, looks

Expected price: Rs 3-4 lakh

One of the major reasons why the Swift became such a huge success is its styling. The Fiat-sourced diesel engine offers decent punch and economy, while the smaller 1.2-liter petrol isn’t bad, either. The car is good for keen drivers but at the same time if you want a trouble-free mode of transport that feels more premium than everyday hatchbacks, it doesn’t disappoint, either.