Best Used Car Deals In Bangalore for SCORPIO Under 7 lakhs From Cartoq TRUE PRICE


Mahindra Scorpio kick-started the SUV craze much like the Maruti Swift launched the premium hatchback segment. It’s mix of macho styling, big engines, 4X4 options 3 rows of seats and attractive pricing made it an instant hit. Sold in three seating configurations of 7, 8 and 9 seats, the Scorpio is a common sight in rural areas too, thanks to its strong built and a robust suspension. SCORPIO currently costs Rs 9.99 Lakhs – 16.63 Lakhs in the new car market.

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A used Mahindra Scorpio is aimed at consumers who want a multi-tasking vehicle. In metros, its someone who wants a large SUV, one that he can use on a daily basis, to carry large items and to move around with family on weekends. The 4WD is an obvious choice for those seeking adventure. In general, its best to stick to the mid to top end version on the used car market.

So, if your budget is tight, but you still want this cult SUV, what are your options?

Recommendation #1: Mahindra Scorpio VLX 4WD Airbag BS III 2011

Mahindra Scorpio Vlx 4Wd Airbag Bs Iii 2011

Year: 2011 / Kms Driven: 73,000 / List Price: Rs 650,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 1,114,540

This entry, which comes at a discount of 42% to its original price is 8 years old and has done 73,000 Kms. This diesel-powered, black SCORPIO is currently with its first owner. For all its rugged looks, Scorpio isn’t really the best ‘built’ car. So if you are looking for specimens older than 5 years as this one, have them checked thoroughly. The most common problem owners have associated with the Scorpio is got to do with its electrical components and electronics. These can start giving trouble within a few years of ownership. Likewise, the pre 2014 models were known to suffer from suspension issues. The infotainment unit on the top end trims also has a tendency to hang up and needs a re-boot for proper operation. Still, there aren’t many options on the market so this is your best bet–particularly since it is a 4WD as well.


Recommendation #2: Mahindra Scorpio VLX 2WD 2011

Mahindra Scorpio Vlx 2Wd 2011

Year: 2011 / Kms Driven: 87,000 / List Price: Rs 675,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 1,101,000

This entry, which comes at a discount of 39% to its original price is 8 years old and has done 87,000 Kms. This too is well-used version so have it properly checked.


Recommendation #3: Mahindra Scorpio Ex 2012

Mahindra Scorpio Ex 2012

Year: 2012 / Kms Driven: 78,000 / List Price: Rs 519,400 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 736,535

This entry, which comes at a discount of 29% to its original price is 7 years old and has done 78,000 Kms. Currently with its first owner, this silver coloured SCORPIO comes with a diesel powerplant. This is an entry level version that costs nearly twice now on the new car market. But you get a full-size SUV at a price of a hatchback so have a look, ask a seasoned mechanic for an estimate for ‘freshening’ the car and if its not much go ahead.


The median price at which SCORPIO has typically sold has been around Rs 5,00,000, and in Bangalore, that price has been around Rs 6,32,100.


Since the final selling price data is not available, we estimate the actual selling prices to be 5-10% lower than this. Another tip: the most popular that gets bought and sold in Bangalore in the Mid Size SUV category is Nissan Terrano.