Best Used Compact Cars Under 5 Lakh, 5 Years with under 70,000 Kilometers in Hyderabad from Cartoq TRUE PRICE

Have you been considering the purchase of used but valuable compact sedans? Is 5 lakh your price limit? Are you car hunting specifically in Hyderabad? If yes, we shall take care of all your requirements. You might be apprehensive of your demands being too specific, but even with your specific needs you will be given vague insights on leading car websites. Moreover, their car listings are not refined or sorted, and hence are not in a position to give you the best information. How do you decide which car suits you in that case? Used car websites are usually of little help, even with their bags of filters. The onus of sorting the information remains on you, and who wants to be drowning in data? Fortunately, we have got just the right solution for you so that you can sail along in your choices through the Cartoq TRUE PRICE.

Cartoq True Price Featured

By deploying the Cartoq TRUE PRICE, we help you recognize the best deals. The Cartoq Data Science team has built a Machine Learning model that estimates the TRUE PRICE of a used car, after calibrating all sorts of variables – brand, model, age, mileage, and car type.  With all factors accounted for, the model predicts the TRUE PRICE, which then becomes the criterion of comparison across cars. The best deals are those where the listed price is lower than the TRUE PRICE. So, we scan through the car listings across major used car sites, compute their TRUE PRICE, and present the best deals for you. The shortlist for this article was based on the analysis we ran on June 28, 2019; so, by the time you read this article, there is a good chance that the specific car may no longer be available.

However, this list still provides plenty of useful pointers even if certain specific cars have already been sold out.
Toyota and Honda share the spoils in this segment, which means:
• There is an interesting variety of looks and features.
• The Toyota Etios is the most valuable car in this category, making itself an asset on the roads of Hyderabad.
Without further ado, let’s check out our top recommendations.

Recommendation #1: Toyota Etios Liva VD

Toyota Etios Liva Used 1

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 51,470 / List Price: Rs. 495,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 845,000

Why buy: This car is currently placed with its second owner and is fueled by diesel. What sets it apart, besides its sleek silver look, is its economy and efficiency. It may be touching your price cap, but this is a compact vehicle that merits the price it commands. Though not the most spacious, its remarkable on road consistency makes this a straightforward purchase in this segment.

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Recommendation #2: Honda Amaze 1.5 S i-DTEC

Honda Amaze Used 9

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 45,200 / List Price: Rs. 420,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 706,000

Why buy: This white sedan may have seen a fair bit of road time, but it is still in impeccable condition, and with its second owner. Armed with an insurance copy, copy of RC as well as recent service logs, this car is a safe and reliable choice, and a natural fit high up on this list.

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Recommendation #3: Honda Amaze 1.5 S i-DTEC

Honda Amaze Used 10

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 56,000 / List Price: Rs. 441,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 706,000

Why buy: Residing with its first owner, this diesel car comes in a sober grey, and is a feasible option for a family car, given its good condition and dependable performance. Greater price and mileage slot it below its namesake on this list.

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Recommendation #4: Toyota Etios Liva GD

Toyota Etios Liva Used 2

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 66,975 / List Price: Rs. 460,600 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 778,000

Why buy: Sporting a soothing silver, this is another first owner car fueled by diesel. Its mileage may be a concern, but it is somewhat compensated for by its price and its proven durability. It is a good fallback option to have in a list with more out and out buys.

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Recommendation #5: Toyota Etios Liva GD

Toyota Etios Liva Used 3

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 68,145 / List Price: Rs. 465,500 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 778,000

Why buy: Virtually identical to the car placed above, except for a slightly higher price and a greater reading on the odometer, this is also placed with its first owner and runs on diesel. Another back-up option to round off this list in case the top three cars do not suit you for unforeseen factors.

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In Summary

This is an intriguing collection, for the topper in this list has two variants in places four and five, which otherwise stack up very well, but take a hit in the mileage count. This means that while the last two cars are not exactly out of contention, Honda wins big if, as a buyer, you do not settle for the top pick, focusing your attention then on numbers two and three, both of which are provided by Honda.

Featured image courtesy STI