Best Used Premium Hatchback for Less Than Rs 3 lakh in Chennai, Selected by CarToq TRUE PRICE

You feel a hatchback makes more sense than a sedan in a city like Chennai. But you also love the bells and whistles of a premium car, though you would rather not stretch your budget for them. Used cars are your best bet. However, finding the right one using conventional tools is not easy. Search any of the popular used car sites and you are likely to end up with scores of options in Chennai alone. The prices will start at a few thousand rupees and extend beyond your budget of Rs 3 lakh. And because price alone does not make a good deal, you will have to consider other factors. That is where it gets even more confusing.
But you need not be confused any longer. The Cartoq TRUE PRICE will identify for you the best premium hatchbacks on sale in Chennai. The Cartoq Data Science team has built a Machine Learning model that estimates the TRUE PRICE of a used car, after accounting for the relevant variables, such as model and variant, age and mileage.

Cartoq True Price Featured

After considering these factors, it predicts the TRUE PRICE, which then becomes the basis of comparison not just among cars of different make but also different variants of the same model. The deals worth considering are those where the listed price is lower than the TRUE PRICE. We scan the listings across major used car sites and compute their TRUE PRICE so that you can identify the car that offers the best value for you.

The shortlist for this article was based on the analysis we ran on June 12, 2019, so by the time you read this article, some of the cars may no longer be available.
But the list still provides useful pointers even if specific cars are no longer available.
• The best deals are on the petrol variants of Ford Figo.
• The lone diesel choice is also a Figo.
• Four of the five recommended cars come for less than Rs 250,000.

Let’s take a closer look at the best options for you.

Recommendation #1: Ford Figo ZXI DURATEC 1.2 2011

Ford Figo Used 11

Year: 2011 / Mileage: 50,000 km / List Price: Rs 235,200 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 505,000

Why buy: This white-coloured premium hatchback has done only 50,000 km in eight years, hence you can look forward to several years of trouble-free service. The 1.2-litre DURATEC petrol engine is a proven performer. The variant is ZXI, which is only a notch below the top-end model. The spacious cabin makes this an ideal family car. The low maintenance cost adds to the value of the deal.

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Recommendation #2: Ford Figo EXI DURATEC 1.2 2011

Ford Figo Used 12

Year: 2011 / Mileage: 65,715 km / List Price: Rs 200,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 447,000

Why buy: This offers all the Ford Figo DURATEC advantages along with savings of Rs 1 lakh on your budget. The kilometre count is higher than the top choice but is still only slightly more than 8,000 km / year. That it has not changed hands yet should provide you added assurance. The colour is grey.

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Recommendation #3: Ford Figo DURATEC TITANIUM 1.2 2011

Ford Figo Used 13

Year: 2011 / Mileage: 38,000 km / List Price: Rs 264,600 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 546,000

Why buy: For a slightly higher price than the other two options, you get the top-end variant. The grey car has also been run the least, less than 5,000 km per year. With only a single owner before you, the car should not strain your wallet with high maintenance bills.

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Recommendation #4: Ford Figo ZXI DURATORQ 1.4 2012

Ford Figo Used 14

Year: 2012 / Mileage: 90,000 km / List Price: Rs 210,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 447,000

Why buy: If you want a diesel engine, this is your car. The 1.4-litre DURATORQ engine is the same as the one in the Ford Ikon and Fiesta sedans. The 90,000 km mileage is offset by a low asking price and a newer model. The black beauty has had only one owner so far.

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Recommendation #5: Ford Figo EXI DURATEC 1.2 2012

Year: 2012 / Mileage: 40,000 km / List Price: Rs 249,900 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 447,000

Why buy: This is the newest petrol car among the recommended options and has clocked the second lowest number on the odometer. The EXI variant in silver is currently with its first owner and offers a substantial saving on your Rs 3 lakh budget.

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In Summary

An array of used Ford Figo deals presents before the first-time car buyer in Chennai excellent options to vault directly to a premium hatchback. A dependable engine, roomy cabin, premium features and low maintenance combine to provide unbeatable value. The difference between the recommended options is not much, unless you want a diesel car. If not, go by your gut feel with this one.

Featured image courtesy Ford Figo Modified

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