Best used premium hatchbacks under Rs 2.5 lakh in Delhi-NCR from CarToq TRUE PRICE

Your budget is tight, about Rs 2.5 lakh to buy a used car. But you don’t care if the car is older and about how many kilometers it has put on the odometer. What you will face is a PROBLEM OF PLENTY. Apply these filters on any used car site, and you will get hundreds of options to choose from. The variety of cars to choose from will be staggering, across brand, fuel and transmission types. All you can do is try different filters, check details of each car, and somehow work your way through the best set of options for yourself.

Cartoq True Price Featured

Or you could use the Cartoq TRUE PRICE to identify the best deals within this list. Using a Machine Learning algorithm that our Data Science team built, we are able to estimate the real price of a used car after accounting for all the relevant parameters.  The TRUE PRICE allows us to compare apples with oranges. Read cars of different make, age, mileage and type. The best deals are those where the TRUE PRICE is higher than the listed price.

If you are in Delhi NCR, here are the best deals we identified based on their TRUE PRICE. We ran the analysis on June 14, 2019, so if you are reading this article later, there is a very good chance that the cars listed here are sold. But this list still provides some useful pointers even if these specific cars are not available to you.

• All the premium hatchbacks that have made it to the list are Ford Figos. Ford cars are known to be reliable and robust.
• There are good deals to be had if you focus on usage rather than age.

Here are the top recommendations.

Recommendation #1: Ford Figo Titanium Blu

Ford Figo Used 20

Year: 2011 / Mileage: 65,000 km / List Price: Rs 1,50,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 7,55,000

Why buy: Ford Figo TDCi Titanium Blu at Rs 1.5 lakh and with 65,000 km on the odometer tops the list. The car is currently with the third owner and is petrol powered. The Figo gets a manual gearbox and is the first-generation model of the Figo portfolio in India. Though the car has put on a good number of kilometres on the odometer, the asking price is too tempting to resist.

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Recommendation #2: Ford Figo Ambiente 1.5 TDCi

Ford Figo Used 19

Year: 2015 / Mileage: 35,690 km / List Price: Rs 2,25,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 6,13,000

Why Buy: This car has seen only one owner and despite being put to use for almost five years, has not run much. This white car is powered by a diesel engine.

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Recommendation #3: Ford Figo 1.4 TDCi Titanium

Ford Figo Used 18

Year: 2013 / Mileage: 99,000 km / List Price: Rs 2,20,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 7,68,000

Why buy: At number 3 is the Ford Figo that has put almost a lakh kilometres on the odometer. The car is offered with an insurance copy along with the service logs copy. It is powered by a diesel engine and comes in grey colour. The car is a single-owner car.

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Recommendation #4: Ford Figo 1.4 TDCi Titanium

Ford Figo Used 17

Year: 2011 / Mileage: 77,835 km / List Price: Rs 1,60,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 7,68,000

Why buy: An old workhorse as you may call it, the number 4 car in this recommendation list is 8 years old. The car is currently with its second owner in Noida. The car comes with a diesel engine and is grey in colour. A list price of just over a lakh and a half rupees makes this a solid deal.

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Recommendation #5: Ford Figo 1.4 TDCi Titanium

Ford Figo Used 16

Year: 2012 / Mileage: 54,000 km / List Price: Rs. 2,25,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 7,68,000

Why Buy: The last car to make it to our recommendations list is as well a Ford Figo. This car comes in grey and runs on diesel. The car has had a single owner and also gets additional warranty.

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In Summary

You’d notice that all the recommendations here are well under your budget and primarily from Ford’s offering – the Figo. There is only one car below the 50,000 km odometer mark while one car is almost a lakh kilometer old. Four of the above listed cars are top of the line variants that is recognised by the Titanium Trim. Four of the cars are diesel powered while one is petrol powered. Ford is known for making robust cars that will last years without giving a troubled driving and ownership experience.  Even though we have put a cap of Rs 2.5 lakh, two of the above listed cars are almost 1 lakh cheaper than the above-mentioned price. Super economical cars that have a good amount of odometer reading are surely a way to go when you are on extremely tight budget.

Featured image courtesy Team-BHP