Best Used Sedans at Less Than Rs 5 lakh in Bangalore, selected by CarToq TRUE PRICE

A hatchback just does not cut it for you. You want more substance. And style. But spending a bomb on a car is not an option. A used sedan is what you need.
And a used sedan is what you would buy if only you knew how to identify the right one. The tools on popular used car sites have only confused you. You have scrolled endlessly through webpages full of options without moving any closer towards sealing the deal. The wide price range at which used sedans are available have only made you jittery about making the wrong choice.

Cartoq True Price Featured

The Cartoq TRUE PRICE is here to end this dilemma. Our tool will identify for you the best used sedan on sale in Bangalore for under Rs 5 lakh. The Cartoq Data Science team has built a Machine Learning model that estimates the TRUE PRICE of a used car, after accounting for the relevant variables, such as brand, model, age and mileage. After considering all factors, the tool predicts the TRUE PRICE, which then becomes the basis of comparison not just among cars of different make but also different variants of the same model. The deals worth considering are those where the listed price is lower than the TRUE PRICE. We scan the listings across major used car sites and compute their TRUE PRICE so that you can identify the car that offers the best value for you.

The shortlist for this article was based on the analysis we ran on June 13, 2019, so by the time you read this article, some of the cars may no longer be available.
But the list still provides useful pointers even if specific cars are no longer available.

• Maruti Suzuki SX4 dominates the recommendations.
• You can drive home a great sedan in Bangalore by paying less than Rs 3 lakh.

Time now to dive into the best deals for you.

Recommendation #1: Maruti Suzuki SX4 VXi 2011

Maruti Sx4 Used 5

Year: 2011 / Mileage: 41,256 km / List Price: Rs 278,060 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 715,138

Why buy: This grey sedan has not changed hands and has only done about 5,000 kilometres a year. And you can get it by spending Rs 2 lakh less than your budget! The SX4 is known for its fuel efficiency, build quality, roomy interiors, generous boot space and excellent ground clearance. Add to that the Maruti service network.

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Recommendation #2: Maruti Suzuki SX4 VDi 2011

Maruti Sx4 Used 4

Year: 2011 / Mileage: 46,000 km / List Price: Rs 310,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 806,480

Why buy: This is almost the diesel version of the top recommendation: single owner, sparingly run and offering substantial savings on your budget. The SX4 diesel engine is known to be a workhorse. If you prefer diesel, don’t think twice about choosing this silver sedan.

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Recommendation #3: Maruti Suzuki SX4 VXi 2011

Maruti Sx4 Used 3

Year: 2011 / Mileage: 45,652 km / List Price: Rs 291,709 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 715,138

Why buy: Another petrol variant of SX4 that is very similar to the top recommendation. The colour is silver. Once again, your saving is more than Rs 2 lakh.

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Recommendation #4: Honda City 1.5 S MT 2013

Honda City Used 17

Year: 2013 / Mileage: 23,652 km / List Price: Rs 482,641 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 899,000

Why buy: The youngest car on the list comes with the Honda brand name. And the lowest reading on the odometer. In fact, the red sedan has hardly been used by its owner. There are many reasons why the City is one of India’s most popular cars. A petrol engine known for its reliability, top-notch safety features and unmatched style are what you would get at the price of a hatchback.

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Recommendation #5: Maruti Suzuki SX4 VDi 2012

Maruti Sx4 Used 2

Year: 2012 / Mileage: 75,738 km / List Price: Rs 357,700 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs 806,480

Why buy: The other diesel SX4 option on the list is the second youngest. The mileage of this grey sedan, which is still with its first owner, is higher than the rest of the options. So is the price. Consider this if you want the newest diesel sedan among the recommended options.

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In Summary

Whether you are buying your first car or upgrading to a sedan, the recommended options won’t let you down. They offer a lot at low prices. The deals are so good that choosing between the recommended five is quite difficult. Answer some basic questions – petrol or diesel, Maruti or Honda — to zero in on your ideal ride.