Less-driven used BMW 3-Series for sale: Cheaper than new Maruti DZire

BMW 3-Series is the entry-level sedan from the German manufacturer in the Indian market. The luxury sedan, which is costs quite a lot when picked up from a showroom is a dream car of many. However, the high price tag keeps many away from the vehicle. But there is a way to own a BMW 3-Series if you’re looking for one in the used car market. There are quite a few BMW 3-Series available in the used car market but only a few of them are in good shape that can be used for a long time. Here is a BMW 3-Series that is in great condition and the asking price is lower than that of a brand-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire.

Bmw 4

This BMW 3-Series is located in Delhi and the asking price is only Rs 9.5 lakhs. It is much cheaper than a brand-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire diesel top-end automatic. The white coloured car has done only 39,000 km according to the odometer, which is not very much and if maintained-well by the buyer, it will be able to clock a few lakh kilometres on the odometer. The white coloured BMW 3-Series for sale here looks like in great condition. There are no external damages and the body looks free of any scratches or dents. Overall, this the BMW 3-Series looks very well-maintained. Even though this is from the older generation, the car looks quite classy.

Bmw 3

This car is still owned by the first owner and since it is very less driven, the wear and tear should be minimal. This BMW 3-Series bears a Delhi registration number and in Delhi, all the diesel-powered cars that are older than 10 years are banned due to the government directions. This car cannot be used in Delhi after it completes 10 years. However, the buyer can get the vehicle registered in any other state of the country and use it for as long as possible.

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The seller has mentioned that the car is in original condition and no panel has been changed. Also, the seller will provide all the service details of the vehicle, which will allow the buyer to verify all the claims and will also see all the repairs that the vehicle had through its life. It is a great way to check how genuine the vehicle and the information shared by the owner are.

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The seller is also offering a finance facility to the buyer. However, it is now known if the finance will be used as a car loan or a personal loan. You can directly contact the seller and ask for more details directly.