Mahindra Bolero 6X4 for sale: CHEAPER than a S-Presso

6 wheeled vehicles are rare, uncommon and no manufacturer in the world currently produces a 6 wheeled vehicle for civilians. However, since they look extremely brutish and attract a lot of eyes on the roads, there are many who modify the vehicles to make them six-wheeled ones. Here is one such Mahindra Bolero with six wheels and it is for sale in the market. The asking price is lower than a new sub-4m compact SUV including the likes of Hyundai Venue and Maruti Suzuki S-Presso. Here are the details.

The video with information on YuVlogs shows the modified Mahindra Bolero that has been converted into a 6-wheeled vehicle. It was first modified as a 6X6 vehicle but then the last link was removed to convert it back to 6X4. A 6X4 means that this Mahindra Bolero gets 6 wheels but only four are powered. This ensures that the Bolero gets optimal fuel efficiency with good capabilities.

The vehicle has been heavily modified to fit the extra axle. Also, the cabin has been modified to add aftermarket upholstery and a sunroof too. The seller says that he can get you the used Bolero and after modifications, it will cost you around Rs 7.5 lakhs on road with registration documents from RTO. Without the documents, the price of this vehicle is Rs 6 lakhs. The actual price of the vehicle depends on the kind of customisation option you choose for the vehicle.

The seller says that he will get you the registration papers and other relevant documents from the RTO. However, one should know that such heavily modified vehicles are not allowed on public roads. They can be seized by the cops and can be fined heavily by the RTO. Since any kind of structural modification is banned in India, such modified vehicles are not allowed on the roads. In fact, in many states, especially Kerala, such vehicles can get seized immediately and the RTO will ask you to make changes to the vehicle to make it roadworthy again.

Mahindra Bolero 6X4 for sale: CHEAPER than a S-Presso

However, the temperament of police in India varies depending on the location. While such modified vehicles will not be much of a problem in many Tier-II and Tier-III cities, in metropolitan cities, the cops remain highly vigilant and on a lookout for such modified vehicles. To legally get such modified vehicles on the road, you will have to get it tested and approved by ARAI, which is a long process and will require you to meet a long list of guidelines too.

Apart from the Bolero 6X4, there are many other different options available with this seller and you can even get Willys replica models on order. For more information, please contact the seller directly.