Buyers checklist for used Maruti Swift or Dzire

If you are in the market for a used Marut Swift or Maruti Dzire, here are some pointers that will help you choose a good car.

The Maruti Swift and the Maruti Swift Dzire hold their resale value very well in the used car market. The Swift was launched in 2005 and saw a major refresh in July 2011, when the new model was launched. In between the car has received a few limited edition updates, but nothing major. One major engine change that did take place was in 2010, when the “small car excise norms” meant that the 1.3 litre petrol engine that the Swift originally came with had to be replaced by a 1.2 litre petrol engine, with slightly lower power and torque figures. Also see: How to buy a used WagonR

The Maruti Dzire was launched in 2008 and is based on the Swift, with the addition of a boot to make it a three-box sedan. The Dzire was also launched with a 1.3 litre petrol and 1.3 litre diesel engine, but had to shift to a 1.2 litre petrol after the older 1.3 petrol engine was discontinued in 2010 to meet BSIV emission norms. See our Maruti Suzuki Dzire Used Car Buyers Guide here.

Buyers checklist for used Maruti Swift or Dzire

Prices of used Maruti Swift

Model 2005-2006: Rs. 2.25 lakh – Rs. 3.5 lakh

Model 2007-2008: Rs. 2.75 lakh – Rs 3.75 lakh

Model 2009-2010: Rs. 3.8 lakh – Rs. 5.25 lakh

Model  2011-2012: Rs. 4.5 lakh – Rs. 5.5 lakh

Prices of used Maruti Swift Dzire

Model 2008-2009: Rs. 3.9 lakh-Rs. 5 lakh

Model 2010-2011: Rs. 5.25 lakh – Rs. 6.25 lakh

If you are looking for a Maruti Swift or a Maruti Dzire, here are some key things that you have to check out.


The original Maruti Swift came with a 1.3 litre G-series petrol engine that put out 87 bhp of power. This was a peppy and fun-to-drive motor, but it was also not very fuel efficient. It gave a fuel efficiency of about 12 kmpl in the city and about 15 kmpl on the highway. The engine is easy to maintain and just needed regular oil changes. Watch out for unusual sounds such as a high-pitched whining sound which could indicate bearing failure. This is expensive to replace.

If you find a newer model with the 1.2 K-Series petrol engine, this is a better deal. This engine is more fuel efficient, and you should get between 13 kmpl to 17 kmpl from it.

The diesel Swift was introduced a year later to the petrol and came with a  1.3 litre multijet diesel engine putting out 75 bhp of power and 190 Nm of torque. The same engine continues in the present Swift. With the diesel Swift or Dzire, watch out for excessive black smoke from the exhaust, indicative of clogged injectors and a poorly-maintained car. Ask for a full service history of the car, as diesel engines need proper regular maintenance. Check out our Maruti Swift Used Car Buyers’ Guide


The Swift and Dzire have a pretty robust suspension set up. Just check for problems such as worn out shock absorbers and springs. These are not too expensive to replace. Also read: How to check your suspension.


On cars that have done over 60,000 km, it is advisable to check the clutch, as city driven cars usually see plenty of clutch wear. The Swift and Dzire have a very light clutch, so check if the pedal has become heavy or does not release smoothly. Also read: How to check for clutch trouble.

Peripheral parts

Check the car for scratches and dents around the corners. Swift headlamps and tail-lamps are not too expensive and easy to replace. There’s no need to throw away a good deal because of cracked lights or scratched bumpers. The Swift and Dzire are quite well put-together vehicles, but some poorly maintained cars do have plastic panel rattles.

The Swift and the Dzire have good resale value in the Indian market. So getting one cheap is difficult. However, if you do find a car that’s going quite cheap for its age, do check it out thoroughly. Also, if possible, pick the top-end variants as they come with more features, although this feature list does not quite reflect in the prices we’ve seen. Prices are mostly decided by model year and by the number of kilometers the car has done. A Swift or Dzire can easily go up to 200,000 km without major trouble as long as regular services are performed. Also read: Used car or new car?

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