Buying new Maruti Dzire vs used Maruti Ciaz: Here’s how to decide

Buying new versus buying used – it’s a debate that is yet to reach a definite conclusion. While many choose to buy a new car without giving much thought to the used market, there’s a section of car buyers who are on a lookout for lucrative deals in the used market. But like everything, going for such attractive deals has its advantages and disadvantages. However, in this post, we take a close look at two cars that are positioned just half-a-segment away from each other. For a price of a brand-new Maruti Dzire, you can easily get yourself a sparingly used Maruti Ciaz. Don’t believe us? Here are some examples.

PLEASE NOTE – Before we go ahead and show you examples of used Maruti Ciaz sedans that are on sale, it becomes important to mention here that a new Dzire costs Rs 5.56 lakh to Rs 8.43 lakh for the petrol variant and Rs 6.56 lakh to Rs 9.43 lakh for the Diesel model. Also, while the actual condition of a used car can be ascertained only by checking it out physically, for the sake of convenience, let’s say that all the cars seen here are immaculately well-maintained.

New Maruti Dzire vs Used Maruti Ciaz – Case #1

Buying new Maruti Dzire vs used Maruti Ciaz: Here’s how to decide

Seen here is a 2015 Maruti Ciaz ZXI with an asking price of Rs 6.50 lakh. The car has run less than 24,500 kms, which is hardly anything for a modern-day petrol motor. A close look at the images reveals that the bodywork is in pristine condition.  In comparison, a brand-new Maruti Dzire ZXi costs almost Rs 7.96 lakhs on road. Even if you factor in things like transfer of ownership, a regular service, some new accessories, etc, this Ciaz will still won’t cost anything above Rs 6.75 lakh.

So, basically, you end up saving over a lakh rupees. Plus, you get a lot more space, higher performance, higher comfort levels, and more bragging rights. On the flip side, you’ll miss the ‘new car smell’ and will have to make do with a slightly lower fuel mileage.

New Maruti Dzire vs Used Maruti Ciaz – Case #2

Buying new Maruti Dzire vs used Maruti Ciaz: Here’s how to decide

Seen here is a 2016 Maruti Ciaz ZDI+ with SHVS. On sale at an asking price of Rs 9.25 lakh, this car is more than a lakh rupees cheaper than the top-end Dzire Diesel. Other than offering you more space and comfort, the Ciaz Diesel has almost the same running costs as the Dzire D. This is because it is powered by a more powerful version of the 1.3-litre motor that powers the Dzire. SHVS micro hybrid tech ensures that the mileage remains high all the time.

It gets really tough to choose between this Ciaz and a new Dzire Diesel. You can give this Ciaz a serious look if you are on a budget and can do with saving some dough. You’ll also get a more comfortable ride along with more better performance. Also, the Dzire misses out on bits like an auto-dimming IRVM. But let’s not forget that this Ciaz has clocked almost 36,000 kms. While not a huge mileage by any standards, it’s still something totally different from a car with an almost negligible ODO reading. Hence, try to have a clear idea of what exactly you need your next car to be like and choose accordingly. Either way, you can’t really go wrong.

New Maruti Dzire vs Used Maruti Ciaz – Case #3

Buying new Maruti Dzire vs used Maruti Ciaz: Here’s how to decide

Here is a 2017 Maruti Ciaz Alpha Diesel that has run just 7,000 kms. It’s available for Rs 11.25 lakh, which is a pretty good price for a car that is not even a year old. The car has been fitted with genuine Maruti accessories worth Rs 30000 and also has an extended warranty. Also, it has undergone an Underbody Anti-rust treatment by 3M. It may be noted here that a new Ciaz Alpha Diesel costs Rs 13.49 lakh on road. Also, a fully-loaded Dzire Diesel ZXI+ costs Rs 10.21 lakh.

Between these two, you easily save upwards of Rs 1 lakh if you go for the new Dzire. Moreover, you get a brand-new car, straight from the dealership. However, the Ciaz that we have here is only 7,000 kms and less than a year old. Plus, it has also been fitted with many genuine accessories. So, other than the many benefits that a Ciaz holds over the Dzire, you also get an almost new car. Again, give a good thought to your exact requirements and choose wisely.

Whether used or new, ultimately, it’s entirely your choice. A new car will always hold some benefits over a car that has been used by someone else. On the flip side, a used car will always offer more for the same money. Hence, it’s all about your requirements and priorities. Both the Ciaz and the Dzire are excellent products that are reliable, frugal, comfortable and easy to maintain. However, those of you who have decided to go for the used option should make sure that the car is in good health and has a clean history.

So, what do you think about our post here? Who should be the winner of our new Maruti Dzire vs Used Maruti Ciaz comparison?

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