Checklist for buying used Maruti SX4; is it a good deal?

If you are planning on buying a used sedan, one of the best cars to look for in the market is the Maruti SX4. This car is robust, well-built and fuel-efficient, especially the diesel, but interestingly among all Maruti cars this does not hold its resale value too well, and isn’t doing too well among new car sales too.

Checklist for buying used Maruti SX4; is it a good deal?

The Maruti SX4 was launched in 2007 with a 1.6 litre petrol engine putting out 103 bhp of power, which was later increased to 104 bhp when it got VVT or variable valve timing technology in it. This engine is sporty and peppy, and the car too has good ground clearance, big 16-inch wheels and a tough suspension that can handle bad roads well. But it isn’t very spacious inside – the rear seat is cramped compared to its competitors. The top-end ZXI variant is reasonably well-loaded with two airbags, ABS, automatic climate control, steering audio controls, integrated music system and power mirrors. Also read: Maruti cars resale value comparison

In 2010, Maruti launched two diesel variants of the SX4 with a 1.3 litre multijet diesel engine putting out 89 bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque. Though this was a fuel efficient diesel with over 20 kmpl claimed mileage, it hasn’t really captured buyers’ fancy. The same year Maruti also offered a CNG powered, dual-fuel variant of the SX4 for those looking at low running costs.

An SX4 is a good deal in the used car market. Here are prices we have seen. Also read: Best used cars under Rs. 4 lakh

Prices of used Maruti SX4

Model 2008: Rs. 3.4 lakh – Rs. 4.1 lakh

Model 2009: Rs. 4.3 lakh – Rs. 5.4 lakh

Model 2010: Rs. 4.75 lakh – Rs. 5.75 lakh


Generally, Maruti SX4 is a relatively trouble-free car as long as you service it regularly, and maintenance costs are really low. If you are planning to buy an SX4 in the used car market, here are some things you need to check for. Also read: Maruti SX4 facelift coming


The SX4 has a pretty sturdy suspension and good ground clearance. Hence many of them are driven around quite carelessly, and although they can take quite a beating, this takes its toll on the suspension. One of the few things to check with the suspension is the condition of the shock absorbers, which tend to last about 40,000 km or so. Also check the tie-rod ends, especially if you hear rattling from the front suspension.


The Maruti SX4 has a fairly light clutch and it should feel free and easy to operate, being a hydraulic clutch. However, for those cars that have seen plenty of city driving, there could be clutch wear indicated by a slipping clutch, lack of pick-up and engine tending to rev before the car picks up speed.  Replacing the clutch would cost about Rs. 9,000. Another issue is hardening of the clutch pedal – this could be due to air in the hydraulic fluid. It can be bled and replaced if needed. But consistent hard pedal would require a clutch replacement. Also read: When to replace your clutch, warning signs

Plastic rattles

One bug bear with the SX4 and with other Maruti vehicles is the quality of the plastics. The plastic parts tend to deteriorate much faster and begin to creak and rattle. The SX4 particularly is prone to dashboard rattles, and that’s something that’s hard to diagnose and fix. Some quick fix solutions like adding padding helps. Peripheral parts like bumpers too tend to lose their locking clips and come lose. This is easy to fix. Also read: Three used sedans you can get quite cheap

Overall, the Maruti SX4 is a relatively easy to maintain car and will last you a long time if you maintain it well. It is one of the best cars you can get in the used car market.