Comparison: Which can you get cheaper? A used Maruti Ritz or a Hyundai i10

If you are looking to buy a used entry-level premium hatchback or large hatchback segment car like the Maruti Ritz or the Hyundai i10, there are a number of choices in the market. The Maruti Ritz was launched only in 2008, and comes in both petrol and diesel options, but since we are looking at a comparison with a petrol car like the Hyundai i10 here, we’ll leave out the diesel versions for the moment.

This comparison between a used Hyundai i10 and the Maruti Ritz is based out of used car listings for three cities – Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. They include the average prices of each model year, across variants. What we found is that, especially with the Hyundai i10, the number of automatic variants of the car, even in used car listings was fairly high in Bangalore – which goes to show that people actually do prefer automatics for congested city traffic. The Maruti Ritz only came with an automatic transmission a few months ago, and hence does not figure here. Also read: Maruti Ritz vs Honda Brio comparison

Comparison: Which can you get cheaper? A used Maruti Ritz or a Hyundai i10

The Maruti Ritz was launched after the Hyundai i10. The Hyundai i10 has 12 variants in all, including two with LPG fuel option, two automatic variants and two with a lower-powered 1.1 litre petrol engine rather than the 1.2 litre petrol engine. Prices for a new Hyundai i10 range between Rs. 3.75 lakh and Rs. 6.21 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi. Also read: New facelifted Maruti Ritz launched

The Maruti Ritz has fewer variants. The Ritz has five petrol variants (including one automatic mid-variant VXI) and four diesel variants. Prices of the petrol Maruti Ritz variants start at Rs. 4.32 lakh, going up to Rs. 5.27 lakh.

Used Hyundai i10 prices

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Used Maruti Ritz prices (petrol only)

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Comparison: Which can you get cheaper? A used Maruti Ritz or a Hyundai i10

If you look at the comparative prices of the Hyundai i10 compared to the Maruti Ritz, even after averaging out the prices across variants, the Hyundai i10 appears to lose its resale value slightly more than the Maruti Ritz. It’s only in cities like Bangalore that you would actually see a slightly higher resale value for the Hyundai i10 – but that’s a little skewed here, because of the high number of automatic Hyundai i10’s on sale (which cost Rs. 5.38 lakh and Rs. 6.32 lakh for the two variants, ex-showroom Bangalore). Also read: Hyundai launches special edition i10

If you are hunting for a used car, it would be fairly easy to buy a Hyundai i10 as there are a large number of listing for the Hyundai i10, compared to relatively fewer listings for the Maruti Ritz. Given that the Hyundai i10 also tends to lose its resale value slightly more than a comparable Maruti Ritz, if you are a buyer you could bargain hard with a Hyundai i10. As a seller, you probably wouldn’t be able to command the premium that the Maruti Ritz fetches, even in the used car market.