DC modified Renault Duster is up for sale at a price cheaper than a Maruti Brezza

DC Designs is a well-known name in India for car modification for a long time. While they have created some odd-looking designs in the past, their interior modification division is spot on. Among the many vehicles that have gone under DC’s knife, the Renault Duster is one of the examples that turned out to be a good looking one. Featured here is a DC modified Renault Duster that is available for sale at a much lower price than its original total cost. If you are interested in buying it, you can get in touch with the seller here.

Duster Mod 4 V

The front end gets a full-on modified look and the car actually looks much better than some other vehicles that have come out from DC. The stock headlights, grille and bumpers have been replaced by all-new custom made units. The headlights have been placed where the fog lights used to be and have been bordered with chrome. LED DRLs have been placed where the headlights used to be and the grille gets DC badging. The whole car has been draped in matte black which gives it a good appearance.

Duster Mod

The DC modified Renault Duster featured here is the 85 PS Diesel version. This variant is powered by a 1.5 liter K9K turbocharged diesel engine with 85 PS of peak power and 200 Nm of peak torque. This is, in fact, the lower state of tune for the Duster as the same engine is also available in 110 PS-240 Nm state of tune. The 85 PS variant too is not bad for everyday usage and will suffice for normal driving. It even gets stylish rims that have been blacked out to match with the overall exterior theme. As for the odometer reading of the car, this Duster has completed around 57,000 km according to its seller. This is not much for the Duster as it is quite a well-built vehicle.

Duster Mod 3

As it is a DC modified car, the interiors have been given a full revamp and turned into a lounge-like place. The interiors have been draped in leather and the rear bench has been replaced with captain seats. High-quality materials like wood and leather are present all over the interiors which make it look great. A large LCD screen has been fitted at the rear for entertainment purposes. moreover, ambient lighting is also present which lifts up the overall feel of the cabin. The brown and white interiors theme actually looks good on the car. In a nutshell, this DC Design modified Renault Duster has full-blown luxurious interiors. If you are looking for a good luxury vehicle for personal use but don’t want to shell out a big amount for it, this one makes perfect sense for you.