DC modified, used Toyota Innova for sale: Video shows MPV inside-out!

Toyota Innova was one of the most popular MPV in its time. It was popular among family buyers and commercial segment because of the comfort, reliability and the low cost of maintenance. It was later replaced by the much premium looking Innova Crysta. Toyota Innova was again a vehicle of choice for people wanted more comfort or a lounge at the back of their car. There are many examples of DC modified Innova’s in the used car market and here we have another example which is being sold at a relatively cheaper price.

The video has been uploaded by My New Lifestyle youtube channel. The video starts by showing the exterior of the Innova which looks well maintained. The grey coloured Toyota Innova looks scratcless from the outside and gets a bit of modifications like a side step and cladding from DC. This is a 2012 model and the car is located in Maharashtra. This is Innova has done approximately 90,000 kms on the odometer but it looks in great condition both on the outside and the inside.

As this is a DC modified Innova, it can now accommodate four passengers only. The third row of seats have been removed completely and it now gets a set of new multi-way electrically adjustable seats wrapped in leather. The Interior of the car has also been completely changed as it get LED lights at places to give it the feel of a lounge. There is an LCD screen with a small touch panel below it to control or make adjustments on the inside. There is a dining table, multiple storage spaces, and even a socket to charge your laptop or mobile phone on the go.

DC modified, used Toyota Innova for sale: Video shows MPV inside-out!

According to the video, the additions or modifications made to the vehicle are worth Rs 9 lakh. The asking price for this 2012 grey DC modified Toyota Innova that has done 90,000 km on the odo is Rs 9.75 lakh only. Which is great considering the amount owner has put into the modification part. This is even cheaper than some of the sub-4 meter compact SUVs or MPV like Ertiga and XL6 in the segment. It is always recommended to check the vehicle personally and get an expert opinion before making a final decision. Used cars may come with many mechanical and electrical issues. Your best insurance in this case is a thorough inspection before purchasing the vehicle. Taking a professional mechanic along for inspection is a good bet.