DC Modified used Toyota Innova Crysta for sale: 7 lakh worth customization [Video]

DC Designs have been doing all sorts of modification on vehicles for a very long time and one of their speciality is DC lounges. Toyota Innova and Innova Crysta has been one of the most preferred choices of the DC Design lounges in the country because of the level of ride comfort and space it provides on the inside. There are few examples where DC has converted the Innova’s into a luxurious lounge. Just like other cars in the market, these DC designed Innova Crysta with luxury lounge at the back is also available in the used car market.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their Youtube channel.  Video starts by showing the exterior of the car. It looks like the owner of this Innova Crysta had taken special efforts to keep the car scratchless. On the outside the car looks in mint condition. On the side it has the company fitted alloy wheels and turn indicators on ORVMs. One cannot tell from the outside that any kind of modification is done to the vehicle.

The main attraction of the car is the interior and that is where the video takes us next. As mentioned above this is a DC modified Innova Crysta and the modification starts from the door panels. DC has added a wooden inserts on door pads and along the dash board to make the cabin look more premium.

Then comes the rear seat where maximum modification has been done.The Innova Crysta has been converted into a four-seater from seven seater and the rear seats have now been replaced for recliners. There is large amount of space at the rear and for added comfort these seats can be adjusted electronically at the push of a button. As for the entertainment part, DC has installed two LED screens at the back and there is even a mic installed to attend calls on the move. There is even a compartment in the centre that has all the controls and foldable tables. It even has a refrigerator at the boot for storing items in it.

DC Modified used Toyota Innova Crysta for sale: 7 lakh worth customization [Video]

All this modifications have have been done from DC and there is even a proper invoice for the same. According to the invoice, the modifications only costs around 7.08 lakh. The Innova crysta in the video is a 2017 diesel automatic variant and the asking price for the same is Rs 16.90 lakh.