DC Vampire used by Salman Khan is for sale: Cheaper than a WagonR

DC Design cars have quite popular all over India for their off-beat designs. At present, the DC Design is focussing on lounge cars but a few years back, DC Design was all about creating newly designed vehicles that were even parts of the movies. Here is one such DC Vampire, which was made in the 90s by DC Design and the car is now up for sale.

DC Vampire used by Salman Khan is for sale: Cheaper than a WagonR

The DC Design Vampire is based in Karnataka and the seller is quoting Rs 8 lakhs for the car. According to the seller, the car has covered a total of 23,000 km till now. It is not known if the odometer in the vehicle is the original one. The seller also mentions that the vehicle is registered in Karnataka and it is in excellent condition. The tax of the vehicle has also been paid for the lifetime in Karnataka state and all relevant documents are available with the seller.

Even though it is not mentioned in the advertisement, the DC Vampire is based on the Daewoo Cielo sedan. The Vampire marked an era of DC’s uniquely and radically designed vehicles that continued for a long time. The Vampire was launched around the time when the DC Akra and DC Arya were revealed in the market. However, the DC Vampire became popular because it was used in the Bollywood movie, “Chall Mere Bhai”, in which Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Karishma Kapoor played the lead roles. The car was spotted in the movie several times.

DC Vampire used by Salman Khan is for sale: Cheaper than a WagonR

The DC Vampire convertible looks quite intimidating on the roads and since the whole body has been restructured and made from the scratch, there is no similarity of the DC Vampire to the Cielo sedan. When the car came out, it drew a lot of attention and the onlookers gave a mixed reaction towards the car. The front-end of the vehicle seems to be inspired by the Plymouth Prowler while the sides get high slabs that make it unique. DC Design even added the Corvette-inspired tail lamps to the Vampire to give it a truly international look.

The car also gets wide tyres, projector headlamps and a two-door design. It is not known what features the vehicle gets. However, all the features of Cielo sedan are likely to be carried forward by the Vampire. Since the vehicle has been completely redesigned, one should check the documents thoroughly before buying it. Also, since the Cielo sedan has been discontinued for a long time in the Indian market now, one should be careful about the spare parts and maintenance of the vehicle. For more information, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.

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