Ford Figo: Used Car Buyers’ Guide

Ford Figo: Know the car

The Ford Figo is a mid-size hatchback that was launched in March 2010. While the first generation got off a great start, being popular for its reliable diesel motor and great dynamics, the latest model has not been a successful product for the company in India and is among the lowest selling models for Ford in India. This is mainly due to poor mileage for the petrol variant and better rivals in the market at the same price band now.

Ford Figo has always been a great car to drive even though its 1.2 petrol and 1.4 diesel units offered in the first-gen models were not exactly the most powerful. It was quite spacious on the inside and came with good ride quality. The first-gen model didn’t offer the auto options. The current model adds power to the already-good handling with better engines. Sadly though, sales haven’t picked up which means the resale value is among the lowest in the segment of mid-size hatchbacks.

Prices today start at Rs 5.23 lac, which is about 50% higher than the original launch price of Rs 3.49 lac in 2010. This is a big number but over the years, there have been improvements in terms of performance, safety and features.

Brief history of the Ford Figo in India

Ford Figo: Used Car Buyers’ Guide

The first generation model was showcased in September 2009 and eventually made its India debut in March 2010. It came with 1.2-litre petrol and a 1.4-litre diesel motor and became an instant hit with consumers. Sales figures went over 5,000 units a month with waiting periods hitting the roof. However, with years, the demand for the Figo came down crashing.

In 2015, Ford launched the all-new second-generation model that came with a better 1.2-litre petrol and an all-new 1.5-litre diesel. The latter made it a diesel rocket! In 2019, the company rolled out the updated model with a price slash, design tweaks and added features. On the 2way, in April 2018, a rugged version, called the Freestyle was launched.

As much as we like the Figo, we are surprised with the extremely low sales and demand in the market.

Profile of the Typical New Ford Figo Buyer in India

Ford Figo: Used Car Buyers’ Guide

The Ford Figo has always been a driver’s car and this means a lot of enthusiasts eye the Figo when they are in the market for a mid size hatch-back. Most buyers are the young crowd who want a peppy, safe and good handling car – they have micro families and a car is their third space after their home and office.

These are second-time car buyers though we cant rule out those who have been driving a car in their house for long and now need their own independent set of wheels.

Profile of the Typical Used Ford Figo Buyer

Ford Figo: Used Car Buyers’ Guide

Given the performance and thrill angle of the Figo, a used example is also aimed towards those who are automobile enthusiasts and understand what Ford cars are known for. These buyers are well informed and seek safety, driving pleasure and solid build over factors like fuel economy, resale value etc.

Given the low resale value, a used Ford Figo is also a tempting option for those with a budget of a new small, entry-level hatchback. For about Rs 4 lac, you can easily get hold of a current gen Figo in the used car market.

Key positives of the Ford Figo

Ford has always made cars that come with a great build quality. Although the current (second) generation model has lost the tank-like feel of the original one, it still is among the better ones in the segment. We love the 1.5 diesel for its torquey nature and outright acceleration while for those who seek convenience of an automatic, the 1.5 petrol offers class leading performance.
Ride quality remains good and the Figo continues to offer ease of driving. Ford also offers 5 year / 1 lakh km warranty, among the lowest in class service costs and the entire kit of safety with as many as 6 airbags.

Key negatives of the Ford Figo

First is the low re-sale value owning to poor demand in the market. This means as a customer, when you decide to sell your Figo after 3-5 years, you will get far less value as compared to use a used Grand i10 or a used Swift.

Next is the 1.2 petrol that isn’t a match for the K-Series engines from Maruti or even the 1.2 from Hyundai. The rear seats are best for 4, not 5 adults and ditto for limited rear headroom. For some people, the extended and low front bumper can be an issue on bad roads.

The ideal used Ford Figo one can buy

What is the ideal example to look for in the used car market. List out mileage, make and variant. For example, in case of the Honda Accord, a car that’s about 5 years old with around 40,000-50,000 Kms on the odometer is a decent buy. Also, automatic preferable to manual as the chance of the clutch (major expense) being abused is minimal.

Ford launched the second generation Figo in September 2015 and this is the model we recommend in case you are in the market for a pre-owned mid-size hatchback.

This one was sold with a 1.2 petrol, 1.5 petrol (AT only) and a 1.5 diesel. While the diesel models might have high odometer mileage, petrol ones are generally used for city runs with less than 40,000 to 50,000 on the odometer. An automatic Figo is a superb urban car and thanks to low demand, can be bought for half the price of a new one.

Buying older and newer Ford Figo hatchbacks

Ford Figo: Used Car Buyers’ Guide

The used car market has ample examples of the Ford Figo. The first model sold from 2010 till 2015 are a common sight. However, the car now feels dated in terms of design and interiors. So its best avoid this version.

The second-generation model sold in decent numbers and is the one to pick. Ford even launched a Sports model for a brief period of time and this came with a better steering – suspension set-up. It is difficult to find one though.

The latest model on sale is came in March 2019 and owning to low sales, finding a used example is rare. However, if you do, bargain hard and get the price down to 75% of the new car price as demand is extremely poor.

Used Ford Figo for the car enthusiaist

We say pick the 1.5 diesel model that offers 100 PS of power, more than the likes of the Swift diesel. Performance is excellent without sacrificing on low-end grunt and fuel economy. After market remaps are available and this makes the Figo diesel one hell of a quick car. The suspension and brakes are good enough to handle the power and torque too. The Freestyle model, launched post April 2018 is a good buy too but remember, its value will be higher.

Current Deals

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Buying Advice

What you should check, and typical problems for the Ford Figo

The Ford Figo underwent a few recalls on the way and if you are going for a test drive of a used one of the same batch, make sure the owner had the fault rectified. Details of recalls are:

1) Figos manufactured till 2012 had issues with the high pressure power assisted steering hose

2) Figos made between Sep’17 and April’19 could have been victims of a defective Battery Monitoring System (BMS) wiring harness.

Apart from this, some current generation Figo owners have complained of high engine oil consumption. Apart from this, the second generation Figo has been a trouble free hatchback.

Used Ford Figo hatchback: Typical maintenance issues and problems explained

High engine oil consumption in the diesel Figo could be due to various factors like a possible damage to the turbocharger or worn out seals. When you take a test drive, make sure you open the bonnet and check for the engine oil level on the dipstick.

Recall related issues are complimentary and should have been taken care of by the original owner. Apart from this, a well maintained Figo is known to last years without any major hassles.

Used Ford Figo: Expected Service Costs

The current generation Figo is relatively easy on the pocket in terms of scheduled maintenance cost. Here is an example of how much you would pay for the 40,000 and 50,000 km for a post 2015 Figo:

2015-2019 Figo Petrol: Rs 5724 / Rs 3499
2015-2019 Figo Diesel: Rs 5583 / Rs 4361

Even the first-gen Figo is cheap to maintain. The 80,000km service for example will set you back by just Rs. 5,552 for the petrol and Rs. 5,682 for the diesel model.

Excessive engine oil consumption however might throw up a surprise – if its an issue with the turbo charger, expect to pay a hefty amount. So if possible, show the car to an authorized station before finalising it.

Expected real-world mileage of used Ford Figo

The current gen Ford Figo is a frugal hatchback. The 1.2 petrol comes with rated economy of just over 20 kmpl, which means an easy 13-14 in city usage. The older 1.2 on the 2015 model was a bit thirsty though.

However, the 1.5 diesel is excellent in terms of fuel economy and if you use the 4th and 5th gear in city runs, you can get over 20 kmpl. This rises to over 25 kmpl on highways at speeds of 85-90 km/h.

Maintenance and service tips for Ford Figo used car

As we have seen above, the Figo has a fairly affordable service cost and hence we recommend you to stick to authorized service centre when it comes to routine maintenance and even for spare parts.

Used Ford Figo: What to avoid

Ford Figo: Used Car Buyers’ Guide

The first generation model, sold from 2010 till 2015 can be avoided and this is mainly because of the modern day current version that looks better, had peppier engines and more safety kit.

As we have said before, it is better to invest into a used Ford Figo of the current generation that was launched in 2015. It is a much modern option in the way it looks, drives and feels on the inside. The first gen model feels too old and dated in front of it.

If possible, try to get the Titanium model that comes feature loaded.

Our recommendations

Our choice is to pick the Freestyle version that was launched April 2018 or a similar year Figo. The poor resale value ensures that you will not be spending too much and yet will get a 1-2 year old model that is less used and feels as good as new. Expect to pay about 25% less than the value of a new car.

Ford Figo used car: What are your alternatives?

A used Hyundai Grand i10 is an apt alternative to a used Ford Figo. The Grand i10 offers similar levels of comfort and space and further has an easy going nature. Resale value will be higher though.

Another option is to consider a used Maruti Swift but at a higher budget. The Swift is a popular car and enjoys and unbeatable resale value in the market. Be ready to shell out a premium.

A used Tata Tiago is another good alternative. Opt for a high-end trim as that will cost the same as a used Ford Figo but offer you a lot of features and better aesthetics like alloy wheels.