Gorgeously restored Hindustan Ambassador selling for Rs 3 lakh

Hindustan Motors’ Ambassador sedan has been one of the iconic cars that was on sale in India. The Ambassador was on sale since 1958 and was finally discontinued back in 2014. Even though the car has been officially discontinued for years, there still are a bunch of car collectors who have well maintained examples of this iconic car. Some of them have kept it in the original condition whereas some have modified it to make it feel more updated. We have featured several HM Ambassadors on our website in the past and here we have one such beautifully restored Ambassador that is up for sale.

The advertisement has been shared in a Facebook group VINTAGE CAR BUYERS All INDIA. The car that is seen in the image is a 1973 model Ambassador Mark II that has been completely restored. The car is currently located in Bangalore and has been completely restored. The whole car gets a matte black finish which gives it a very unique look on the outside.

According to the post, the engine and transmission is all original and has been restored to factory spec. The exterior however gets couple of elements that belong to later generation Ambassadors. it gets a chrome finished grille at the front with indicators on it. the bumper has also been restored in its full glory. coming to the side profile, the hubcaps are the same as they used to come with the car. The outer ring of the steel wheel is painted in white and the wheel itself gets a black treatment.

Just like the exteriors, interiors have also been redone. The seats, dashboard, door pads all gets a maroon treatment which looks very elegant on the car. The owner has tried best to keep the instrument panels and other elements in the car all original. The steering wheel however looks from a later model that may be because of unavailability of the parts.

Overall, the car looks very neat from the outside and inisde. The engine bay of the car was also restored to eliminate rust issues. The asking price for this beautifully restored 1973 model Hindustan Ambassador Mark II is Rs 3 lakh, and if you’re interested in buying this vehicle, then you can directly get in touch with the seller by clicking here.