USED Harley Davidson, Benelli & Kawasaki superbikes starting at just Rs. 2 lakhs [Video]

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Superbikes and high-displacement bikes stay out of reach of most enthusiasts in India due to their expensive price tag. Even the most affordable superbikes are quite expensive. But the prices of superbikes depreciate quickly and most of them are available in the used bike market around the country. Delhi has one of the biggest used bikes markets of the country with bikes coming in from almost every corner.

Here is one such used bike showroom in Delhi’s Karol Bagh that shows how affordable the bikes are in the used bike market.

The dealership shows a range of motorcycles on video and also tells their age and odometer readings. There is a range of Harley Davidson motorcycles available with the dealership. The cheapest is from the Street 750 range. The dealership has four different Harley Davidson Street 750 and all of them get some kind of aftermarket accessories. The most affordable of the lot is for Rs. 2.85 lakhs, on-road price. It is a 2014 model and has 10,000 km on the odometer. The new Street 750 is priced at Rs. 5.6 lakhs, ex-showroom, which turns out to be around Rs. 6.5 lakhs, on-road. There is a Street Rod 750 available from 2017, which available for 5.1 lakhs, on-road price.

The cheapest multi-cylinder bike that you can find in this showroom is the Benelli TNT 300, which is priced at Rs. 2 lakhs, on-road. This bike gets a number of aftermarket accessories too. The most exciting bike of the lot is the Iron 883, which gets a host of original Harley-Davidson accessories including the grips, exhaust and other things. It is priced at Rs. 6.75 lakhs. The dealership also offers iconic models like the Harley-Davidson Fatboy, which is priced at Rs. 9.75 lakh, on-road only.

There are many other bikes apart from these at the showrooms. The dealer also shows a used Triumph Street Triple with accessories like aftermarket Arrow exhaust, tank pad and host of other accessories. It is priced at Rs. 5.3 lakhs, on-road. As per the dealer, all the prices that he mentioned are negotiable and can come down if needed.

USED Harley Davidson, Benelli & Kawasaki superbikes starting at just Rs. 2 lakhs [Video]

The used Superbikes are available with a warranty and other things but the exact details are not known. As the value of superbikes depreciates quite quickly, the prices said in the video are quite reasonable. Superbikes and other high-end products are made of high precision and only quality material is used. If they are given proper treatment and are serviced at regular intervals, they can last for a lifetime. There are many superbikes with lakhs of kilometres on the odometer and they still work properly. Yes, they are safe to buy and own such superbikes if you have the passion and money for it.

There are a few things that one should check thoroughly before buying a superbike. As they are still rare and people remain unaware of these bikes, here are a few tips that everyone should know when buying a superbike.

  • Always check for the original papers and insist on getting a receipt.
  • Always check if the full road registration tax has been paid.
  • Check for accidental claims with the insurance
  • If the bike is from another state, it is always better to transfer the registration to the home state.