Rare two-door Hindustan Contessa for sale

The Hindustan Contessa is often referred to as the first Indian muscle car. Even though it is not a real muscle car, the muscular build of the car makes people connect it to them. Nonetheless, the Contessa holds a special space in the hearts of the Indians and there are still many who own the Contessa and have modified it to keep it as a collector’s model. A well-maintained Hindustan Contessa is rare and even more if it has been modified. Here is one such modified Hindustan Contessa that has two-door set-up.

The car is on sale and the details have been posted by Ishdeep Singh. The body structure of this Hindustan Contessa has been modified and the rear doors have been removed. The car now offers two doors but inside, it retains five seats. It has been modified to look really classy and it gets a black grille with original headlamps that look completely classy. The Contessa also gets aftermarket alloy wheels that look extremely good on the car. The seller has mentioned that the alloy wheels are of 17-inches and they add an intimidating stance to the car. The seller has mentioned that the vehicle has 80% of tyre life remaining.

Other than that, the Contessa here has five later paint and looks brilliant in white. The seller also mentions that the windows and windshields are all original and they still carry the factory tint. Apart from the that, the Contessa gets a new battery, a new exhaust system and a working air conditioner, which is powerful enough to beat the Indian summers. The cabin has been modified too but there are no pictures showing the interior. Nonetheless, as per the details, the vehicle gets a touchscreen infotainment system with a complete speaker system. The car has a Smart Card Registration Certificate but the registration has ended. The seller mentions that it has expired in 2016 but he will help the buyer to get it re-registered.

The Hindustan Ambassador is an iconic car. Since it is still popular in India, you will be able to find mechanics who can service them and source the spare parts too. This particular model is located in Ludhiana, Punjab and you can get in touch with the seller directly and get more details. The seller can be contacted directly by calling at +91-7837930585.