Rare Hindustan Contessa MODIFIED to a retro Ford Mustang for sale

Ford Mustang remains an icon even today. The American muscle car was born decades ago and it has gone through many generations to look like what it looks now. Even though The Mustang gained cult status around the world and was extremely popular. Back in India, Ford launched the Mustang recently. Before that, Hindustan Contessa was considered as a muscle car in the Indian market. Even though the Contessa was not as powerful as the American muscle cars, the design of the vehicle made it popular as the Indian muscle car. There are many well-maintained examples of the Hindustan Contessa in India. While some of them are in stock condition, many others are modified beautifully. Here is a Hindustan Contessa that has been modified beautifully to make it look like a retro Ford Mustang.

The car for sale has been listed by Retro Classics India on YouTube. It is a fully modified car and comes with the Mustang logo too. The seller has not mentioned the details of the Contessa, and also there are no details about the vehicle’s manufacturing year. However, the price is set at Rs 15 lakhs and the seller has mentioned that it is non-negotiable.

The modified Contessa looks extremely good and it gets a new grille and rebuilt front-end that makes it look much like the iconic Mustang. Even the body has been reshaped slightly to add the Mustang look. At the rear, the car gets the three-slat tail lamps just like the retro Mustang. The car also gets flared wheel arches,

The seller has not mentioned the changes in the vehicle but it does look quite good. Even though it is much bigger in size than the original Mustang. The video uploaded on YouTube also shows that the car sounds like a modified one. However, the details are not known. It is also not known if the car still has the original engine.

The Hindustan Contessa is a classic car and there are many well-maintained examples of it. It should be noted that such modifications are not legal in India and if the cops catch someone driving such a heavily modified vehicle on the public roads, the vehicle can get seized. However, the cops do not pay much attention to such vehicles in non-metropolitan, Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Since we are not sure about the engine that powers this Mustang, it should be noted that engine swapping is illegal in India and one has to go to the ARAI and RTO to get the vehicle approved. You can contact the seller to get more details and know more about the car.