10 almost-new Hyundai Creta SUVs from 5 cities across India: Deals to watch out for!

The Hyundai Creta is undoubtedly the most popular compact SUV in India. Rival to the likes of the recently launched Kia Seltos, Renault Duster and Nissan Kicks, the Creta has been a mass favourite ever since its launch in 2015. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is its brilliant sales value, which means that the owners can sell their cars after 1-3 years of use at pretty good prices. Buying a new Creta is what most people opt for but if you are looking for a Creta for a short period of use and have no issues with buying a used example, here are 10 such examples from 5 metro cities across India.


1. 2018 model at Rs. 8.70 lakh

Creta Delhi 1

Starting off the list is this white Hyundai Creta from Delhi. It is a 2018 pre-facelift model and has done a total of 21,000 km till date, which is not much for this vehicle. It is the 1.6 E Plus variant that is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine and gets a manual gearbox. You can learn more about this Creta here.

2. 2018 model at Rs. 10.75 lakh

Creta Delhi 2

Next used Hyundai Creta from Delhi is this seemingly well-maintained example. It is a 2018 made pre-facelift model that has an odometer reading of just 9,800 km, which means that the vehicle has not been used much. It is 1.6 SX Plus Petrol variant that comes with a 1.6-litre petrol engine mated to a manual box. Click here to know more about this one.



1. 2018 model at Rs. 9.21 lakh

Creta Mumbai 1

Moving to the city of dreams, we have another white Hyundai Creta that is the 1.4 S Plus variant. It is powered by a 1.4-litre diesel engine with a manual gearbox. Staying with its first owner right now, this one has covered around 16,000 km till date and is being given away at a price of Rs. 9.21 lakh. Click here to check more about this SUV.

2. 2018 model at Rs. 13.4 lakh

Mumbai Creta 2

This striking blue Creta looks like a barely used car which is further made evident by its odometer, which has a reading of 7,000 km. It has been with a single owner till date and is powered by a petrol engine that is mated to a manual box. Speaking of the variant, it is the 1.6 SX Option variant and is available for buying at Rs. 13.4 lakh. Click here to know more about this Creta.



1.  2018 model at Rs. 9.19 lakh

Bangalrore Creta 1

Coming to the IT capital of India, this 2018 model Hyundai Creta is being dished out for Rs. just 9.19 lakhs here. It is the 1.6 SX model powered by a petrol engine that is mated with a manual gearbox. It is currently with its first owner and has covered a total of 26,913 Km according to the seller. Though its odo reading is a bit more than most other Cretas here, it is also available at an attractive price point for its variant. Click here to know more about the car.

2. 2018 model at Rs. 14.10 lakh

Bangalrore Creta 2

This white Hyundai Creta is a 2018 model available for Rs. 14,10 lakhs. It is the 1.6 SX Plus AT variant and is powered by a petrol engine mated to an automatic transmission. It has covered a total distance of 22,000 km till date and resides with its first owner. Click here to know more about the car and contact its seller.



1. 2018 model at Rs. 11 lakh

Creta Kolkata 1

Next up is Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. The Creta you see above is a pre-facelift 2018 model that is available for sale at Rs. 11 lakh. It is 1.6 SX+ Petrol variant and comes with a manual transmission. The odometer of this car is just at Rs. 9,000 km and has not changed hands till date. You can check more about this car here.

2. 2018 model at Rs. 12.47 lakh

Creta Kolkata 2

This stylish grey example is the facelifted model going out for Rs. 12.47 lakhs in Kolkata. It is the 1.6 SX Diesel variant and comes with a manual box. The car is currently with its first owner and has done only 8,000 km, which suggests why it seems to be in such a great condition. If interested, you can get to know more details about this car here.



1. 2018 model at Rs. 13.95 lakh

Chennai Creta 1

We now arrive in Chennai, where this well maintained Hyundai Creta is being offered for Rs. 13.95 lakh. This 2018 model is the 1.6 SX Dual Tone variant with a diesel engine and manual gearbox. The vehicle hasn’t exchanged hands till now and has done a modest 9,000 km which is probably the reason why it still looks gleaming new. Click here to check out more details of this car.

2. 2018 models at Rs. 13 lakh

Chennai Creta 2

Chennaites seems to love the colour orange on their Creta, which is probably the reason that the second one here is in the same shade too. Nonetheless, this one looks pretty good and is the 1.6 SX Automatic Petrol variant. It is a 2018 model that has covered around 11,000 km till date, which makes it a good option if you want a Creta with an auto box. Check out more information about the car here.