2 almost-new used Hyundai Venue sub-4 meter mini SUVs for sale in India: CHEAPER than new

Hyundai Venue, which was launched earlier this year has settled down well as the second best-selling vehicle in the sub-4m compact SUV segment in India. The Venue is still fresh in the market and is quite high in demand. The Hyundai Venue sub-4m SUVs have become a common sight on the public roads but since they are in demand, depending on the variant and location, there can be waiting period for weeks. If you’re in the market looking to buy a new Venue, here are a few options that you can get without any waiting period and cheaper than a new car.

2019 Hyundai Venue 1.0 SX(O) manual

Asking price: Rs 12 lakhs

Venue 4

This is only a few months old Hyundai Venue that is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka and is for sale. This is the top-end version of the car and the seller has mentioned that the vehicle has done a total of 10,000 km according to the odometer. This is the top-end SX(O) version that gets all the features advertised by Hyundai. The vehicle also gets a factory warranty that covers the vehicle for 3 years. Also, it gets zero depreciation insurance for the first year and third-party insurance valid for the next three years.

From the pictures, the vehicle looks like in great condition and there are no damages, scratches or dents on the body. The reason for selling the vehicle is mentioned as the owner is moving out of the country. This gets powered by 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 118 Bhp. It gets a 6-speed manual transmission in place. This car also gets extra additions like 3M Sun film and anti-glare film. The body also gets a ceramic coating. For more details, you can contact the seller by clicking here.

Venue 3

2019 Hyundai Venue 1.0 S DCT

Asking price: Rs 9.7 lakhs

Venue 2

This is barely-used Hyundai Venue for sale in Defence Colony, Delhi. The sub-4m compact SUV has completed only 2,500 km till now. The car was registered in September, which makes it only 2 months old. The seller has not mentioned the exact reason for selling this almost new car but he has mentioned all the details. Perhaps, the interested buyer can contact the seller directly and ask for more details.

Venue 1

This car is also charged by a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 118 Bhp. It gets a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission in place. This the S variant, which is not loaded as the top-end variant but gets a lot of essential features in place. For more details, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.