India’s first DC Design Mahindra Marazzo for sale in used car market

Mahindra and DC Design officially tied up for offering factory-customised lounge models based on the Marazzo. A new Mahindra Marazzo transformed by DC into a lounge can take a few days and a lot of money too. Well, here is a DC lounge based on the Mahindra Marazzo that is for sale in the used car market and it is cheaper to buy than the new one. The Marazzo here is very less used and is in a top-notch condition. It is a 2020 model, which makes it only a few months old.

This Marazzo has completed a total of 3,700 km on the odometer, which is not much at all. The MPV is only a few months old but the seller has not mentioned the reason for selling the car so early in the ownership. However, since the vehicle is officially modified by Mahindra and DC Design, all the warranty is intact, which ensures that the new owner will not fact much of a problem while owning this car.

The owner of the Mahindra Marazzo has not shared many details about the car but it seems like it has received all the options from the manufacturer. The official brochure of the DC Design Marazzo highlights the features of the vehicle. Starting right with the seats, the brochure indicates that the DC Customised version gets new electric seats in the middle row seats. The lounge seats in the vehicle can recline up to 160 degrees and also add an extra 45 inches of leg space. There are also calf support and foldable leg rest that can be quite useful for the middle row passengers. The middle row seats are electronically controlled. There are switches mounted on the side that can be used to set-up the perfect angle and seating posture.

The DC Design Marazzo also gets a massive touchscreen command centre in the second-row seats. The control centre gives full control to the ambient lighting setting of the vehicle, which has been added by DC Design. Other features that can be controlled on the fingertips include the infotainment system and other features. Also, there is a fold-out tray that neatly remains tucked in the central armrest. It can be folded out and utilised as a work station or food tray. There is also a personal entertainment screen, which is mounted behind the co-driver seat. It is a 10-inch tablet that can be used for various multimedia. For more information and details, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.