India’s only ‘proper 6X6’ Mahindra off roader for sale: Cheaper than a Maruti Brezza

Even though the off-roading culture is not very popular in India, there are many enthusiasts who keep it alive. Since the 4X4 vehicles are not very popular in the Indian market, many manufacturers do not launch these vehicles in the market. In developed markets, we do see that manufacturers launch limited-production vehicles like Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen 6X6. Well, back home, enthusiasts do it in their own unique way. Here is such a unique vehicle owned by Prashant Singh, which is a proper 6X6 Mahindra SUV and it is up for grabs!

6x6 2

The vehicle for sale is based on a Mahindra utility pick-up truck and it looks intimidating from every angle. The vehicle was bought by Prashant Singh in 2000 and over the years, it has received a long list of modifications. The vehicle is up for sale now and the asking price is Rs 12 lakhs, which makes it much cheaper than the top-end on-road price of the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, the top-selling car in the segment in India.

The vehicle retains the original engine and the transmission, which means that it will be reliable when it comes to the engine life and transmission. Now there is a customised 6X6 gearbox that has been made for this vehicle. It is used with an additional differential mounted on the vehicle for the extra set of tyres. This ensures that all the 6 tyres of the vehicle get power, which is what the 6X6 means. There are quite a few 6 wheeled vehicles in India but not all of the wheels are powered, which makes this vehicle special and unique in India.

6x6 3

Further, the brake lines have been upgraded to ensure that the vehicle comes to a stop in a short distance when needed. It also gets the original AC unit of the Mahindra Bolero, which makes sure that the cabin gets optimum cooling without any fuss. The power steering wheel unit is also from Mahindra.

6x6 4

With two extra tyres in the rear, the suspension has been modified and new custom suspension has been added for the rear wheels. At the front, it gets accessories like WARN winch of 10 lbs capacity, Superwinch at the rear of 12 lbs capacity, 33-inch Yokohama tyres that make the vehicle look grand on the roads. Also, the stock rims have been upgraded to steel rims. Other off-road-friendly accessories include 2 J cranes, 42-inch hi-lift jack, custom fenders, custom bumpers, shovel, customised flatbed with storage compartment, detachable hood and a trailer hook.

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The vehicle is registered in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Prashant Singh, who currently owns the vehicle says that all the NOC and documents will be provided if the buyer wants to register the vehicle in a different city. This Mahindra 6X6 has done quite a lot of off-roading and there are numerous pictures of the vehicle available online. For more information, you can contact the seller directly and get more details.