Isuzu V-Cross with diff locks outperforms the Fortuner and Endeavour [Video]

Off-roading is not only about the driving skills of the person. However, it also heavily depends on the hardware installed on the vehicle and many other factors like the wheelbase, tyre compound, approach angle among other factors. Well, a piece of hardware while doing off-roading can be a pretty handful and here is what an aftermarket differential locker on an Isuzu V-Cross made it much more capable than the vehicles like Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour.

The video put up by Anshuman Bishnoi shows an old Toyota Fortuner, a new Toyota Fortuner, an Isuzu D-Max V-Cross and a Ford Endeavour doing off-roading. The vehicles can be seen crossing different obstacles. The old-generation Toyota Fortuner and the new Fortuner can be seen struggling to climb on the inclines. In fact, one of the new Toyota Fortuner SUVs in the video is also modified and gets high lift kit among other things. Even the Isuzu V-Cross can be spotted with a number of aftermarket additions including front and rear diff lockers.

Well, the modified Isuzu V-Cross with diff lockers can be seen climbing on all the surfaces without much of a problem while all other vehicles are struggling in the video. The Ford Endeavour only gets an electronic rear diff locker, which is not as effective the front and rear diff lockers. The Toyota Fortuner also gets a central diff locker, which serves a different purpose altogether.

The Isuzu V-Cross that has front and rear diff lockers installed is crawling out of every incline and challenge without putting in much effort. But then, is it all good for the V-Cross? Since the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross is a pick-up style truck, it has a long wheelbase. It can become a problem during off-roading too. The V-Cross can be seen getting stuck in the later part of the video where the bottom of the vehicle is resting against the ground. The Toyota Fortuner had to pull it out of the place. However, both Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner can be seen completing the challenge without a problem.

What are diff lockers

Cars have open differentials since the wheels on the same axle move at a different speed while taking corners and in many other situations. However, the open differentials can be a problem on slippery surfaces when a wheel gets stuck. This is when, the wheel, which has zero traction gets all the power and it starts to move freely. Differential lockers lock the axle and ensure that both the wheels move at the same speed. This, in turn, helps the vehicle to come out of sticky situations easily.