Just how cheap can you get a used Maruti Alto? A three-city comparison

If you are a first-time car buyer or one who needs a second car just for limited usage, you would be considering an entry-level hatchback like the Maruti Alto, which is incidentally India’s largest-selling car. But does that tag also inflate its resale value?

Also would it be a good idea to buy a used Maruti Alto? And if you are an owner of a Maruti Alto who is planning to sell it, this should give you an indication of the kind of prices to expect when you sell your car. Also read: Tata Nano vs Maruti Alto, the better first car?

Just how cheap can you get a used Maruti Alto? A three-city comparison

Using our extensive database of used car prices across three cities, we compare how models of the Maruti Alto sell in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to see how prices across these cities differ when it comes to second-hand Maruti Altos.

Generally, cars in Bangalore are far more expensive because of much higher road taxes. Also cars in Bangalore tend to have been driven for much fewer kilometres compared to cars in Delhi, because distances are shorter. Cars in Mumbai too are expensive, because of Octroi levies, but still not as expensive as Bangalore. Also read: Is the Nano more practical than Alto?

Here’s a comprehensive table with comparative resale prices across cities for each model year. The price has been averaged out across all the models of that year listed – so in some cases, cars with high mileage on the odometer would have a lower resale price, while those with fewer kilometres on the odometer tend to have higher prices.

Used Maruti Alto price comparison

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Going by the price listings in our database, the cheapest Maruti Alto with about 65,000 km on the odometer (claimed, but the figure looks unreliable) can be bought for Rs. 70,000 in Delhi and Mumbai as well. As the model years increase, one can see that resale prices in Bangalore are significantly higher. In fact, one could buy a 2006 model Maruti Alto in New Delhi for the price of a 2003 model Maruti Alto in Bangalore. Ànd prices of a 2010 model used Maruti Alto in Bangalore are almost as much as a brand new Maruti Alto would cost in New Delhi! Also read: Best first cars for beginners

However, looking at the resale value of the car, it holds its resale value pretty well. If you are a buyer looking for an Alto, be prepared to pay a slight premium for the car. In fact, if you look at prices of 2006 models, they are almost at a par with some used sedans of similar vintage such as the Maruti Esteem, Maruti Baleno and Ford Ikon. Also read: Great used sedans for under Rs. 1.5 lakh