Luxurious, Used DC Design Innova Crysta for sale at an attractive price

DC Design has been transforming cars for a long time in the Indian market and most of their popular transformation jobs are the lounge transformations based on the Toyota Innova and the Crysta models. Buying a new Innova Crysta and getting it modified from DC Design can turn out to be a costly affair. However, if you’re in the market looking for one such car, here is a DC Design Innova Crysta located in Gurgaon, Haryana and it is for sale.

Innova 3

The seller has mentioned that the asking price if Rs 16.99 lakhs. It is a 2017 Toyota Innova Crysta model that has completed a total of 33,954 km according to the odometer reading. It is 2.8-litre GX automatic variant of the car, which already comes loaded with features. Since it is an automatic car, the passengers will feel minimal jerks while the chauffeur drives the vehicle, making it extremely comfortable.

The seller has mentioned that the car is still with the first owner and the car has insurance cover till 2021. The tyres still have about 70% life in them and the vehicle is in top condition. The seller will also provide all the service records to the buyer, which will ensure that the car has completed a genuine number of kilometres.

Innova 2

It gets lounge seats in the rear with retractable leg support. The vehicle also gets individual screens in the rear that can be used as screens while doing long-distance journeys or regular commutes.  The middle row gets a lot of wooden panels and ambient lighting system that can be controlled through a panel mounted in the centre. The seller has mentioned that all the modifications are worth Rs 7 lakhs.

There are no modifications done to the exterior of the car. The exterior remains in stock condition and no one would get to know that it is a DC Design vehicle. It should be noted that a new Innova Crysta base version can cost Rs 16 lakhs, ex-showroom and the automatic version can cost much more. It sure is a great deal to get and the car is only three years old.

Innova 1

The seller has not mentioned the reason for selling the car though. However, he has mentioned that they have done all the service on time from Authorised Service Centre and the vehicle is well-maintained. If you’re interested in the car and looking for more information, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.