Luxurious used sedans in Delhi-NCR under Rs 7 lakh from CarToq True Price: Maruti Ciaz to Honda City

Delhi-NCR is known for its expensive weddings and grand lifestyle. Nothing is a bigger statement than a luxurious sedan! A sedan is a perfect companion for a bigger family. Since you are looking for a used sedan, it has to be a pocket-friendly option as well. Top-end new cars cost upwards of Rs 10 lakh, but a used sedan can be yours for quite a few lakhs less. So a sedan that doesn’t cost more than Rs. 7 lakh should a good deal.

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There are quite a few options in the used sedan market in Delhi-NCR. Although the number is lower than what we saw in the financial capital Mumbai, it is important to narrow down the list. So, we used two filters – the car should not be more than 5 years old and the usage factor will be limited to those cars that have not travelled beyond 50,000 km. There are nearly 100 car listings on any major used car site. With Cartoq TRUE PRICE, getting that luxurious used sedan in Delhi-NCR under Rs 7 lakh is easier.

TRUE PRICE allows us to actually rank the deals – from the best to the not-so-good ones. With our state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithm, the Cartoq Data Science team has built a system that can predict the TRUE PRICE of a used car. This is done after accounting for all the variables that influence a car’s price such as brand, model, age, mileage, car type, fuel type etc.

So, there you have it. We have aggregated used car listings from all the major websites, and applied our TRUE PRICE model to come up with the best deals under Rs 7 lakh if you want a sedan.

This article is based on the analysis we ran on June 6, 2019. It may happen that by the time you read this article, that a specific car on the list may no longer be available. Still, the list provides some useful pointers.

• Hyundai sedans lose value faster than Hondas. This means you could get a good bargain when you buy a Hyundai.
• Used automatics are available, and could be be a better-long term alternative in worsening traffic conditions.

Let us now take a look at our recommendations.

Recommendation #1: Honda City VX i-DTEC

Honda City Used 15

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 40,000 km / List Price: Rs. 587,020 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 1,319,000

WHY BUY: There is a reason why this car is number 1 on our list. It has travelled 40,000 km. It’s just 5 years old. It is among the mid-end variants in City range. The beige-maroon (interior-exterior) colored manual transmission diesel sedan is available at a whopping 55% discount.

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Recommendation #2: Honda City 1.5 V MT 2016

Honda City Used 16

Year: 2016 / Mileage: 11,500 km / List Price: Rs. 700,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 899,000

WHY BUY: This Honda is just 3-year old and has been sparingly used at less than 12,000 km. While it takes up your entire budget of Rs 7 lakh, this is a great deal considering that you are virtually getting a new car, with years of hassle-free ownership in the future, at more than 20% discount. Being a City, it has top notch drive-ability.

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Recommendation #3: Hyundai Verna 1.6 VTVT EX AT

Hyundai Verna Used 6

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 48,000 km / List Price: Rs. 525,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 1,068,000

WHY BUY: There are three simple reasons why this Verna is on our list. Its less than 5 years old. Its an automatic (petrol). This cherry-colored Hyundai comes at less than half the cost of a new one. Verna offers performance, fuel efficiency and comfort. Perfect for both the highways as well as the daily city runs.

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Recommendation #4: Maruti Suzuki Ciaz ZDI (O)

Maruti Ciaz Used 1

Year: 2015 / Mileage: 47,000 km / List Price: Rs. 539,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 889,000

WHY BUY: This Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is a top-end diesel variant. The top-selling compact sedan fits both your budget and usage filters. It costs a full 40% less than a new car. The Ciaz has emerged as one of the preferred choices for the aspirational and evolving consumers in metros.

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Recommendation #5: Hyundai Verna 1.6 SX CRDI AT

Hyundai Verna Used 5

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 45,216 km / List Price: Rs. 695,800 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 1,298,000

WHY BUY: For those who want an automatic diesel sedan from Hyundai, this Verna meets your checklist. It has done about 45,000 km usage and comes within your Rs 7 lakh budget. Coming at 46% discount to ex showroom price, the beige-white (interior-exterior) is in reasonably good shape.

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In Summary

The hunt for luxurious used sedans in Delhi-NCR throws up quite a few surprises. One, you do not need to spend your entire Rs 7 lakh budget thanks to used car pricing. Two, if you are lucky, you could even get an automatic. Three, the Delhi-NCR used sedan market is inundated with Honda Citys. Take your pick.