Maruti cars resale value comparison

Maruti is one car company whose vehicles manage to hold their resale value quite well. At least most of them. When you look at used car prices in the market, more often than not, Maruti prices are slightly higher than competition and tend to hold their value quite well.

We looked at a cross-section of Maruti cars that were about three years old (2009 model year) to see how these cars held up. A car that is of 2009 vintage should have on average (by New Delhi-national capital region traffic standards) driven about 15,000 km per year, or just about 1,250 km a month. Cars that are below this mileage are those that have been sparingly used (below 30,000 km on the odometer), while those over 50,000 km are those that have seen high usage. Also read: Checklist for buying used Maruti Swift

Maruti cars resale value comparison

Looking at how much these cars have been used, we also averaged out the price difference between model variants (low-end and high-end) and took the average prices. We also averaged out between diesel models and petrol models in cases like the Maruti Swift and Maruti Dzire. Which is why you’ll notice that the Maruti Dzire actually commands the highest resale value among Maruti cars, even more than the Maruti SX4!

There isn’t much of a difference in the prices between a Maruti Swift and the Maruti Dzire too, while the Maruti Swift and the Maruti SX4 almost command the same prices for a 2009 model year, going to show that the Swift has a pretty good resale value, especially the diesel. Also read: Used Maruti Wagon-R buyers checklist

Overall the most-expensive asking price we’ve seen for a Maruti Swift diesel of 2009 vintage is Rs. 5.5 lakh, while the most expensive asking price for a Dzire that was sparingly used was Rs. 6 lakh! However, the cheapest one wanted for a 2009 Dzire was about Rs. 4.4 lakh.

The Maruti Alto of 2009 vintage commands a resale value of Rs. 1.5 lakh for a car that’s seen high usage going up to Rs. 2 lakh for one that has been sparingly used. The Maruti Wagon-R has an asking price of between Rs. 2.25 lakh and Rs. 3 lakh for a 2009 model (across LXI and VXI variants). The Maruti Zen Estilo has slightly lower resale value than the Wagon-R, although both cars are mechanically identical. Also read: Best used cars under Rs. 4 lakh

If you are a buyer, the Maruti car that is most value for money in the used car market is the Maruti SX4 as its resale value has dropped quite a bit. But if you are a seller and own a Swift or a Dzire, these cars are actually assets, with the least depreciation in market value.

See table for indicative prices. Prices are average of two variants, across mileage bands and across engine choices.

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