Maruti Gypsy modified to look like a Rolls Royce: For sale now

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy has been around in the Indian market for years before it was officially discontinued in the market. Currently, Maruti Suzuki manufactures Gypsy only for the armed forces but there are many Maruti Suzuki Gypsy SUVs in great condition that are on sale in the used car market. Well, here is Gypsy that is for sale and it is quite unique, especially because it has been modified all over.

Rolls Royce 6

This Maruti Suzuki Gypsy for sale in Kerala and it has been converted into a vintage Rolls Royce. However, it is not a replica vehicle. The modification includes changing the whole vehicle’s body and adding a newly fabricated vintage Rolls Royce inspired body on the vehicle. The seller has listed it has a wedding car.

Rolls Royce 3

Since it is a heavily modified vehicle, it is not known if the current owner has updated the registration certificate of the car. Any change in the vehicle’s body, structure, colour and engine have to be notified to the RTO and the changes are then incorporated in the RC of the vehicle after fitness test of the vehicle. In Kerala, the Motor Vehicle Department and Police are quite strict when it comes to modified vehicles in the past, numerous vehicles have been seized for being modified.

Rolls Royce 1

The modified car in itself looks quite good all over. It gets a convertible shaped design and everything in the vehicle has been updated. The front doors are suicide doors while the rear ones are set-up in a regular way. It is a five-seater vehicle and gets a bench seat in the rear. The roof of the car is made out of fabric and it can be retracted manually. Moreover, the tyres of the car have been updated too and it now gets spoked wheels. The spare wheel is mounted at the rear of the vehicle.

Rolls Royce 2

The seller has mentioned that the vehicle gets a power steering and a new steel body. The vehicle also gets a convertible hood, new alloy wheels and a new Registration Certificate with 15 years validity and NOC. The cabin of the Gypsy-Rolls Royce gets a brown interior and leather seats. As per the seller, the car used here as a donor vehicle is 17 years old and was registered in 2002. The car has done only 40,000 km according to the odometer reading but we cannot be sure about the authenticity of the reading. For more details, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.