Maruti Suzuki Brezza: Used Car Buyers’ Guide

Maruti Brezza: Know the car!

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza was Maruti’s answer to Ford EcoSport, which was the first sub 4-meter SUV, on the Indian market. The Brezza bettered EcoSport on space and price. It offered a good combination of ride and handling and its diesel power plant is fuel efficient. The traditional boxy/squarish design appealed to those fancying an SUV, albeit a small one. The usual Maruti benefits of reliability and extensive service network made an already compelling product the market leader right from when it was launched. Brezza is available in both automatic (AMT/AGS) and manual avatars but the fuel choice is limited only to diesel. Prices start at Rs 7.6 lakh today which is about 8% more than its launch price of Rs 6.99 lakh.

Brief History of the Maruti Brezza in India

The Brezza was launched in March 2016 and has always been offered with a 1.3-litre diesel unit only. It is still in its first generation with minor changes made over the years. Within five months of its launch, given its success, prices were hiked. The car hit the 2 lakh milestone in terms of sales in November 2017. Few months later in May 2018, more features were added – dual Airbags were made standard and black finish for the alloy wheels was introduced. At around the same time, Maruti introduced AGS or AMT in the Brezza and this gave it a wider audience appeal. Exactly a year later in May 2019, a limited edition sports version was also rolled out. For much of its existence, there was waiting period for Brezza but now, it faces heat from the newly launched Hyundai Venue—and dealers have been forced to offer discounts.

Maruti Brezza: Typical New Car Buyer Profile

“Play Glamorous” is the tagline that Maruti uses for the Vitara Breeza. This clearly means the car is geared towards young individuals who are on the lookout for a car that goes well with his / her personality. This is even more true for the top end, dual tone models that look sporty enough with the black finish on the alloy wheels. The Breeza is also a good fit for those who are in the market for a car that looks big and massage their ego on the move – all this under Rs 12 lac, on-road price. The Breeza is also a hit with micro families who want a comfortable and most im-portantly, a reliable and a trustworthy spacious vehicle at an affordable price.

Used Maruti Brezza: Typical Buyer Profile

A used Maruti Brezza is a great buy for those who have the budget of a mid-size hatchback but want to own a (pseudo) SUV. Given the recent decline in demand, the Brezza’s resale value has dropped significantly. Even the older models that are 3 years old are a great pick for anyone who wants a taste of what a large, SUV-ish vehicle feels like without having to worry about maintenance issues. Most used Brezza owners are Maruti loyalists and young at heart individuals who are still single and wish to own a good-looking compact SUV.

Key Positives of the Maruti Suzuki Brezza

The Brezza comes across as a well-rounded package, one that does everything right without demanding a premium for it. Even the ride and handling is neutral and given the small size, it is an easy to drive car on a daily basis. The 1.3 diesel is frugal and peppy and offers excellent long-term reliability. The interiors score high on practicality and ergonomics which will be preferred by most owners. Pricing is also one of the key USPs here, with the Breeza being on the most affordable compact SUVs in the market today. Lastly, Maruti’s unbeatable network means that even if you live in a small town and wish to own a Brezza, help will be at hand easily in the form of a touch point and a workshop.

Key Negatives of the Maruti Suzuki Brezza

The diesel only Brezza is not for those wanting a cleaner fuel choice. The engine, though reliable and frugal suffers from turbo lag that can be unnerving in city crawls. The space on the inside is average with rivals like the Nexon and Venue offering more cabin room. Likewise, the boot, at 328 litres, is the second smallest in the segment. Third, feature list isn’t as impressive as its new age rivals. Talking of which, even the cabin quality levels aren’t the best around and you have to get used to lot of hard plastics.

The Ideal Used Maruti Brezza You Can Buy

The Brezza is relatively a new car and is currently into its 4th year of manufacturing. The ideal example then would be the oldest, or the 2016 batch. However, most Brezzas are used a lot and hence make sure you pick on that has less than 40,000km on the odometer, along with full-service record. The earlier models weren’t too loaded with features and hence it makes sense to opt for the higher trims.

Buying Older and Newer Used Maruti Brezza SUVs

The oldest example of a used Brezza will be just over three years old. But given the sheer number of units sold each month, the used car market is flooded with good examples. Do note that not much has changed when it comes to exterior and interiors and hence opting for an old 2016 model will not make your Brezza feels out of place.

Used Brezza for enthusiasts?

The Brezza is sold with just one engine configuration and that has good performance when you want to go fast, flat out. The handling abilities are also nice with the Breeza being one of the best options in the segment when it comes to dynamics. Further, you can get hold of remaps which will further enhance both power and torque figures. Do invest into grippier tyres though.

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What you should be aware of, and typical problems for a used Maruti Brezza

The Maruti Brezza is a reliable product and we haven’t come across any major issues being reported by owners. That said, given the light build quality, body rattles and suspension issues need to be checked for. The Breeza has also been a part of various recalls as under:

1) September 2018: fixing a possible steering issue

2) Feb 2019: Inspection and updation of Actuator Assembly ABS software

3) Sep 2019: Replacement of steering column on some cars

First and foremost, if the used Brezza you test drive was part of the recall, make sure the owner completed the formalities at the workshop. Next, during the drive, keep an eye out on how the suspension behaves over broken roads. This is more so important for used examples that have run over 50,000km. Also, while driving over broken roads, make sure there aren’t any excessive body rattles either.

Maintenance and Service Tips for Used  Maruti Brezza

The Maruti Brezza’s routine service costs aren’t too high and this is why Maruti remains a hit in the market. Service interval stands at 10,000km and you will be spending around Rs 5000 to 7500 per service, on an average. Official recalls are taken care of by the company when it comes to costs involved. As for the suspension issues, thankfully overhaul charges are well under Rs 10,000 too.

Used Maruti Brezza: Expected Real-World Fuel Economy

The Brezza’s diesel motor comes with a certified economy of 24.3kmpl, making it the most fuel-efficient car in its segment. In city runs, if you end up using the 3rd and 4th gear, the Breeza will deliver over 17-18 kmpl easily. The same figure will rise to over 22kmpl on highways if driven under 90-95 km/h.

Used Maruti Suzuki Brezza Sub-4 metre SUV: Expected Service Costs

The Brezza came with a standard warranty of 2 years and the same was extendable by another 2 years by paying a small amount. So if the used Maruti Brezza you intend to purchase is still under factory cover, we sug-gest you stick to an authorized workshop. If not, make sure you visit an organized after-market service player, one which uses genuine MGA spares or OES ones.

Used Maruti Brezza: What to Avoid

No particular variant of the Maruti Brezza was known to give troubles. The car been mechanically unchanged over the years.

The Ideal Used Maruti Brezza You Can Buy

A 3-4 year old 2016 model is an apt choice here. Expect to pay about Rs 6 lakh post negotiations for such a model. Try to invest into a higher variant though.

Our recommendations

A driver side Airbag and ABS have been standard on the Maruti Brezza since its launch in March 2016. Dual Airbags were made standard in May 2018 but this fairly new model will set you back by a minimum of Rs 8-9 lac in the used car market.

What Alternatives

An alternative to a used Maruti Brezza is a used Tata Nexon. However, do note that the Nexon got launched in Sep 2017 and hence older models won’t be available

Another alternative is the Ford Ecosport – this has been on sale since June 2013 which means those on a lower budget will be able to get hold of this compact SUV.

Another alternative is the Mahindra TUV300: this has an old school SUV look and ends up seating two more, thanks to last row, side facing seats.