Sparingly used Mini Cooper & Audi TT sportscars available at attractive prices

Market for luxury cars have increased in India over the years. Several car manufacturers have also introduced their flagship models in our market. Just like in the case with any luxury goods, these luxury cars also depreciate very fast. That is one of the reason why such luxury cars are generally available at very affordable prices. This has increased the demand for luxury cars in the used car market and we have featured similar stories in the past. Here we have a video where a luxury hatchback Mini Cooper and a sports car Audi TT is available for sale.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their YouTube channel. The video starts with seller showing how these cars look on the outside and how well maintained they are on the inside. He starts with the small luxury hatchback Mini Cooper. The car gets Blue paint job with white strips on bonnet and white coloured roof. The car looks well maintained from outside as there are no scratches or dents anywhere on the car.

Seller shows projector headlamps, chrome finished front grille, company fitted alloy wheels and so on. This is a 2-door hatchback and that gives it a sporty look from the side. It gets company fitted alloy wheels and almost new tyres. On the inside, the Mini Cooper gets all black interior with white finish inside the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is placed in the center of the dashboard and it also comes with other features like leather wrapped seats and steering, automatic climate control, push button Start/Stop and so on. it is a 2-door, 4-seater hatchback.  Just like the exterior, interiors in this Mini Cooper look well maintained.

Sparingly used Mini Cooper &  Audi TT sportscars available at attractive prices

Coming to the details, This is a 2012 model petrol Mini Cooper hatchback. This is powered by a 1.6 litre petrol engine that generates 122 Bhp and 160 Nm of torque. It is mated to an automatic gearbox. This Mini Cooper has only done around 3,000 kms on odometer which makes it as good as a new car. The car is registered in Delhi and asking price for this hatchback is Rs 17.95 lakh.

Next car in the video is actually a sports car. Audi TT. The car get a Red paint job which enhances the sporty character of the car. No chrome elements are seen on the car. The front grille and window garnish are all finished in gloss black for the sporty appeal. Audi TT seen here looks extremely well maintained with no scratches or dents anywhere. It gets company fitted alloy wheels and a unique styling factor is its coupe like sloping roof. There is even a spoiler at the rear that pops out.

Interiors on this car get dual tone finish. Dashboard gets red soft touch leather wrapped and the seats and other components are all black. This gives cabin a sporty look. The instrument cluster on this Audi TT is all digital. Just like the exterior, interior also look well maintained. Coming to the details, this is a 2016 model Audi TT powered by a petrol engine. It uses a 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine that generates 226 Bhp and 370 Nm of peak torque. It comes with Quattro technology as well. The car has done only 2,000 kms on odometer and is registered in Punjab. Asking price for this almost new Audi TT sports car is Rs 28.95 lakh.